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Beretta Sako TRG 22, Black, Picatinny Rail .308 Win, 26" Barrel .308 Win

Beretta Sako TRG 22, Black, Picatinny Rail .308 Win, 26" Barrel .308 Win

Beretta Sako TRG 22, Black, Picatinny Rail .308 Win, 26" Barrel .308 Win

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Sako TRG 22 .308 Win, Black Stock, 26" Barrel


Sako TRG-22 rifle can handle a multitude of operator tasks: it is a thoroughbred and serves the governments of several nations as their primary sniper rifle.

The vault-like action is solid and cold hammer-forged from special steel alloy. Integral 17 mm axial scope mounting rails with integral recoil stop-slots on the top of the receiver. The sturdy bolt with three locking lugs feeds rounds unfailingly from the centerline of a detachable staggered 2-row magazine. Reliably feeds with various ammunition types. Bolt lift is only 60° for fast bolt throw.

SAKO TRG based on a series of actions which designated: Short action TRG-22 and Long action TRG-42. Three locking lugs makes 60° bolt lift angle possible. The receiver is stabilized with three fastening screws. Optionally available with phosphatized finish. The bolt is black matte on all models.

MAGAZINE is a detachable reliable center fed box magazine. Plugs for easy removing at the rear corners.

DOUBLE-STAGE TRIGGER pull is adjustable from 1 to 2.5 kg (2 to 5 lbs). It is also adjustable in length and horizontal or vertical pitch. The entire trigger assembly, including the trigger guard, can be removed from the rifle without disassembling any other part of the rifle.

SAFETY catch, which is silent in operation, is located inside of the trigger guard. The safety locks the trigger mechanism and locks the bolt in a closed position with the firing pin blocked. 

STOCK base is made of aluminium, to which the polyurethane forestock is attached. The buttstock is also made of polyurethane and is reinforced through the use of an aluminium skeleton. Spacers allow the cheek piece to be fully adjustable in height and infinitely adjustable in windage and pitch.

BUTTPLATE is adjustable both for distance and angle through the use of spacers and is also infinitely adjustable in height and pitch.
The stock is designed for both right and left handed shooters. Phosphatized model can be supplied with 200 g (7 oz) heavier green or Desert Tan color stock.

SCOPE READY. No open sights. A 17 mm integral dovetail is on the top of the receiver for optical day or night sight mounting. Receiver is also drilled and tapped for Picatinny rail mounting. Phosphatized barrel is equipped with groove for emergency sight assembling.

BARREL free floating an is cold-hammerforged. Optional detachable muzzle brake can be fitted, which also acts as an efficient flash-hider. TRG-22 is also optionally available with 20” barrel. 

TRG Optional Accessories for special purposes like: Suppressor (for cal. 308 Win), foldable bipod, folding stock, auxiliary steel peep sights for emergency use, match sight mounting set, night sight adapter, different slings and swivels, different rails for assembling different accessories, cleaning sets, transit cases etc.

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