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Saiga 12g Shotgun, Semi Auto, LE Variation, 19", Pistol Grip & Rail

Saiga 12g Shotgun, Semi Auto, LE Variation, 19", Pistol Grip & Rail

Saiga 12g Shotgun, Semi Auto, LE Variation, 19", Pistol Grip & Rail

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ITEM #: SGL12-09
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Reviewed by 3 customer  
great customer service, March 30, 2013
bought this from impact. It did not fire semiauto at first and i found out that you have to adjust the gas tube depending on the type of rounds your shooting. The guys at impact were really cool and showed this to me. Love this gun. I have the 20 round drum and 2 10 round mags for it now. Gonna blast away at the range this week.
By mark from meridian, idaho
AK with 12 guage cajones!, January 26, 2013
What I like about this Saiga is as a "the world has ended" gun..I basically have an AK that runs 12g shells-how nice is that? Despite what detractors will say here it is: Do not buy a Saiga and expect to run low power ammo through it. Trying to do so IMHO is like using a Hyundai at the drag strip. When I want to shoot low power crap I use a pump you are supposed to. This Russian beast likes buckshot and slugs. She feeds on higher power target shot and any high brass loads like they were soaked in Vodka. The massive bolt on this thing weighs like a pound or so...huge. A target load (ESPECIALLY a lightweight one) simply does not generate enough recoil to cycle it properly-BUT-that also means now when you shoot high power buck or slugs that one pound bolt is dampening your recoil. This gun shoots SO soft...way less recoil than my pumps (which I think is minimal anyway :) Get one if you can (FOR A REASONABLE price) get some twelve round mags and go kill some pumpkins (or other hard-skinned gourd of your choice).
By Big Timmy from Kennewick, WA
Boom goes the dynamite!, January 17, 2013
Received this today from Impact Guns along with the ProMag 20-round drum. Quality seems pretty high, as does fit and finish. We'll see what it does this weekend with the slide-fire stock installed. Can't wait to install an Eotech Zombie sight and an aluminum fore grip. Zombies beware!
By Mikeybear from Brighton, MI
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