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Russian M91/30 Mosin Nagant, Excellent Condition, Round Receiver

Russian M91/30 Mosin Nagant, Excellent Condition, Round Receiver

Russian M91/30 Mosin Nagant, Excellent Condition, Round Receiver

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Reviewed by 21 customer  
Mosin Nagant M91/30, October 13, 2014
I wouldn't say my Mosin Nagant I got from Impact Guns was in Excellent Condition (my opion of Excellent would be, like no dings in the wood, everything fit, all serial numbers matched) BUT from other stores I went to that had MN's, Impact Guns was by far the best bang for your buck. Matter of fact I ended up buying 2 more from Impact, one with a hex reciever and one M44....I did however buy a AA9130 kit from Archangel for my round receiver MN...and it went together nicely but now I have to buy another round recivered MN....simple guns to mess around with, take apart, clean, shoot, etc....
By Oly from Kuna, Idaho
Big gun - Small price!, September 09, 2014
Just received my Mosin Nagant, and I am very pleased with the condition it’s in for a rifle that was built in 1942. It looks to be mechanically sound, and I can't wait to shoot it. I am also pleased with the job done in cleaning the outside of the rifle of cosmoline prior to shipping. I will do a really good cleaning of the barrel and chamber before attempting to use the rifle. As it was delivered, the barrel is filthy and very dark. I'm hoping to see it look a lot better when I'm done scrubbing. The furniture looks really great. It is much better than I expected. The only reason I didn't give this review five stars is because of the really filthy barrel and the fact that the oil and cleaning fluid can that was included in a plastic bag leaked all over the inside of the packaging. Also, the bayonet that was sent along did not match the rifle's serial number, and will not fit over the barrel. Having said all of that, this is a great rifle for the money.
By Andy from Carroll County, VA
Purchased a Russian M91/30 Mosin Nagant, August 27, 2014
Shipped quick and was amazed when I got to look at it. Beautiful Dark Cherry Russian Wood. The gun was already cleaned of Cosmoline. There was a few rust patches on the underside of the barrel but what can I say the rifle was made in 1939. I'm excited to get my ammo shipment in and give it a shot. Overall a great rifle and I would recommend it to anyone. It's a decent price considering these guns will hold their value for years to come.
Good Deal !! Clean Smooth Action !! Little Play?, January 17, 2014
Picked Up My Mosin Nagant From My Local Gun Shop That I Had Impact guns Ship It To, All In All It's Decent For The Money, The Stock Was A Little More Beat Up Then What I Was Expecting But I'm Sure I'll Toss It And Throw On The Archangel Stock But Other Then That The Bolt Moves Freely For The Most Part Out Of 20 Cycles It Got Snug Once So I Don't Feel That's Bad At All, Only Thing I'm Worried About Is The Slop In The Bolt Being My First Nagant Im Not Sure If It Is Suppose To Have Alot Of Play or Not None Of My Other Bolt Action Rifles Have This Play So Idk !!!!! BUT I WOULD RECOMMEND THIS !!!!!
By MarkyMayhem from Bensalem, Pa
Awesome Buy- great customer service, December 19, 2013
So i decided to get a Mosin for my birthday and after searching for the best deals on the internet i happened to stumble upon impact guns. The rifle came in earlier than expected, had a good deal of cosmoline on it but with a little steam and elbow grease (no pun intended)i got most of it off in a couple of hours. Everything came in the gun case that i bought along with it ie. the tin oil can, mag pouches, etc. i was a little worried that i got an incomplete mosin because it didn't have a bayonet, so i called customer service up and the lady on the other line told me that in order to protect the rifle and the case padding from damage they had wrapped the bayonet and stuffed it under the padding. (Facepalm) Customer service was great and i will buy from you guys again. Thanks Impact Guns!
By Arthur from Roswell, Ga
Very Disappointed - Update and revision, September 03, 2013
After reading my first review, Impact called me. Stated that they had some Mosins that they could not sell because of the condition. Their gunsmith was able to remove the metal sling parts and they would mail to me. Described how the gunsmith removed the parts and explained how to install. Expecting package to be delivered. That's customer service.
By Monty from Pineville, LA
Very Disappointed, August 30, 2013
Ordered two of these. Looked over the major parts (barrel, bolt etc) and had no issues. Got them home and started cleaning when I discovered that one of the guns was missing the metal parts that go on the stock where the sling attaches. Called Impact and they gave me the number of PwA where they purchased the guns. After a week of calling and leaving messages with PwA - no response. Called Impact back and they said "sorry - you need to work with PwA" I expect guns rated as very good to excellent to have all the parts. Also I did not purchase the guns from PwA but from Impact. I expect them to handle customer service issues.
By Monty from Pineville, La
Wow, August 17, 2013
I purchased 2 of this rifle, and received both Izhevsk arsenal rifles. One is a 1938, the other is 1943, I got them Yesterday, and today had a family outing and shot both of them. They work well for what appear to be VIRGIN rifles, they need a little bit of break in, and a recoil pad for sure. Cosmetically, I received better than i had expected for weapons that are from 1938 and 1943. Now I have to save for my next purchase!!!!
By AL from Texas
Great Buy, August 10, 2013
I purchased 2 rifles. Both were very clean and great condition. One performed flawlessly straight out of the box. The other had a sticky bolt. The extractor needed to be lightly filed and polished plus cleaning a little left over gunk. 30 minutes and problem solved. Fun shooters that everyone should have. Could not ask better out of 70 year old surplus.
By J-Mac from Cincinnati, OH
I love my mosins., July 27, 2013
I oder 2 of this nice rifles, I am very pleased overall. The barrel is in exelent condition the stock will need some restoration (but thats the fun part) i bough this rifles as "proyect" and im thinking on getting 2 more, you know, do this to that one, that to the other. Hehe i believe i would end up buying more than 2 more. By the way both are matching numbers IZVECH RUSSIA 1943 except for the bayonets. One of the handguard was cracked i guess i can repair it or replace it. I hope Impact Guns keep selling this Russian marvels for long time.
By Enoc Albino from Guanica, Puerto Rico.
Packaging, July 24, 2013
Update on a previous review. I recieved a call from Impact about my previous packing problems and as usual they steped up and took care of my problem. I guess they really do read these reviews. THANKS IMPACT
By James from Texas
Outstanding deal!, July 23, 2013
I purchased two of the M91/30s with cases approximately two weeks ago and am very pleased, both with Impact Guns communication and shipping and with the rifles themselves. My local FFL received the rifles in three days and everything was complete and well protected from the rigors of shipping. One rifle was a 1939 Tula and the other was a 1943 Izhevsk and both were in excellent condition overall. The barrels were in great shape, the stocks had some dings but no cracks, and both had number matching barrels, magazine baseplates, bolts, and butt plates. As promised, the vast majority of decades-old cosmoline had been removed and a quick cleaning was all that was necessary to get both rifles ready for the range. I was satisfied with every aspect of this transaction and will definitely do business with Impact again.
By Merritt B. from Burbank, CA
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