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Russian M91/30, Mosin Nagant, 7.62x54R Very Good Condition W/Accessories

Russian M91/30, Mosin Nagant, 7.62x54R Very Good Condition W/Accessories

Russian M91/30, Mosin Nagant, Excellent Condition

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ITEM #: 787450007512
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Reviewed by 27 customer  
Heck...I don't know, June 20, 2014
Just picked up my Mosin Nagant today from Boise's Impact Guns, not so much cosmo on it but a lot on the bottle and tools, etc...real simple rifle to disassemble, had it cleaned in about 1 hour....taking my time at it too...what I want to do with it is fine sand the stock...(it looks like Arctic Birch to me and nice grain design in it) and refinish it...can't wait to shoot it....will buy some stripper clips first. Wife caught me with it...(better to ask for forgiveness than permission....buuuuhahaha) she thought I spent a lot of money on it. Told her it was the cheapest gun I've bought so far....true story...I'm gonna buy another one but the Hex...gave it a 4 since having problems with the bayonet, didn't lock onto the I filed it...not the barrel, the bayonet....can't beat the price for what you get, plus the rounds are cheaper than my 9mm and 45LC...
By Oly from Kuna, Idaho
Very Satisfied, March 13, 2014
1938 Izhevsk Round Receiver in great condition with a beautiful stock! Shot well in the field with better than expected accuracy, a smooth bolt action and a clean trigger pull. I had been prepared to refinish the stock but all that was needed was the routine degreasing. Thanks Impact!
By Paul from College Station, Texas
very pleased, March 12, 2014
wife bought this for me for our anniversary and I was very pleased with it beautiful gun have not shot it yet but plan on it real soon loved it so much I bought another for her will buy again,thanks impact.
By troy from alabama
satisfied, January 08, 2014
I recieved my Mosin Nagant and all the accessories yesterday. Looks great. Good service from Impact.
By Harold from Remington,Va.
ATTN: ANGRY CUSTOMER, December 26, 2013
You purchased 2 91/30's, had issues with one. would you please call customer service and ask for Brian. We want to get you taken care of.
By ANGRY CUSTOMER from Impact Guns
i enjoy this rifle, December 13, 2013
ammo was cheap went to the range was nervious to fire it at first but then felt good at the way it performed. im glad i purchased it i have to sight it in better it should be very accurate i know ill enjoy it .will
By will from AZ
Not a fan of old guns., December 02, 2013
I really am not a fan of old guns. I prefer tactical type firearms. I must say I really love this fire arm. I ordered 2 for my first order. I as a gift and 1 to check out. I am very impressed. I cleaned mine up and took it out shooting. I ordered 5 more right away. Yea, they are that good. Cleaning these up is not that bad. I have dealt with much worse. Took me like 45 mins to look up online how to break this gun down and clean it up. Great gun to shoot. Much more fun then my AR-15 or SKS. These are top notch.
By Daytrader from Summerfield, il
Great Rifle!, November 22, 2013
This is a great piece of history. It was shipped super fast and I started cleaning it right away. Had a lot of cosmoline and grease on it, but without it, it would be a pile of junk. Have not had a chance to fire it yet - working almost every weekend when the range is open, but I'm confident it'll shoot great. The rifle, as stated, was in excellent condition, just minor nicks in the stock - but that just adds to it's charm. Mine was made in 1939, 21 years before I was borne. This rifle is the start of my WW 2 rifle collection - and a fine rifle it is. Thanks Impact arms - it's a great deal.
By Jake from Slidell, La.
Great Deal, October 20, 2013
Really great shape, outstanding gun and at a fantastic price. Very satisfied with the purchase. A rock solid rifle and pike. It is extremely easy to get cleaned up, do not let lazy people deter you from buying this gun simply because it has been protected in goo for future generations enjoyment. You may want to ask that the oil can is shipped in its own plastic bag.
By Jeff from Green Bay, WI
Great Buy, October 17, 2013
Received my Mosin recently. You never know what you are going to get with surplus rifles, but my rifle was in excellent condition as stated. However, this appeared to be due to some extensive reconditioning. As I cleaned the cosmoline off of the barrel with hot water, I noticed a fair amount of new black paint coming off. The paint underneath looked good as well, so I wasn't concerned. All of the serial numbers even matched. The bore and stock are in fantastic shape, very impressed. Can't wait for the surplus ammo to arrive so I can try this thing out.
By Nick from Iowa
Outstanding Mosin, October 07, 2013
Yes, it takes time to clean. Use some mineral spirits, a tooth brush, some paper towels, etc... You'll get it clean. There is an excellent instructable to show you how to do this (or a few YouTubes). Now onto the gun. Excellent condition and the accessories were outstanding. Mine was from 1942 and looks awesome. I am very happy and might be back to buy another sometime soon!
By Elliot from Virginia Beach, VA
fun for the price!, June 08, 2013
its a reliable rifle thats under 200 bucks and fun to shoot? what more can you asK?
By pintoford55 from Orange County Ca
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