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Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan, 44 Mag, 2.5" Barrel

Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan, 44 Mag, 2.5" Barrel

Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan, 44 Mag, 2.5" Barrel

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ITEM #: 736676053032
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Reviewed by 10 customer  
Can't wait to buy the .454 Casull!, July 04, 2016
I bought my first Alaskan in .44 for use in the Lower 48. It is a joy to shoot and a total pussycat in the recoil department. The Ruger Alaskan is also very well balanced and exceptionally accurate. How do you improve on perfection? Send it to Robar and have it finished in NP3! Now the action is butter smooth and feels much lighter. Double action fire is fluid and fast. Cock the hammer and the trigger is crisp with little rebound. Now for the .454 version with the same finish. If it walks on two or four feet, the Alaskan .454 will put it down!
By Sivispace from Portland
Great Gun!, November 03, 2014
Ordered shipped and arrived on time. Took it shooting for the first time today. Never shot a 44 mag before but I loved shooting this gun. Not as much kick as I expected until I loaded up the Buffalo +p+ rounds and fired. Wow what a kick. Joy to shoot and pleasure to deal with impact guns. FUN STUFF..
By Dkoonz from South Florida
Fantastic Gun, September 20, 2014
This is my third Ruger. As a 9 mm shooter, I wanted to step up to a higher caliber for hiking in bear country. The fit and finish of the Super Redhawk Alaskan is flawless. The mass of the gun handles the recoil with ease. Of course, the sound and flash definitely makes people at the range take notice! After shooting half a box of .44 magnums, I switched over to the .44 special and it felt like a .22, comparatively speaking, of course. To echo boony's comment, it is indeed scary accurate - especially in single action mode. What a blast to shoot!
By Frank from Virginia
Truly Awesome Handgun, January 23, 2014
I totally agree with everyone's favorable post on the Alaskan .44 Magnum. It is truly an awesome short barreled powerhouse offering from Ruger. What impresses me the most is its rugged build and as well as how well it manages recoil. It is scary accurate, too. After my first three shots the first time out at the range, I made a slight elevation adjustment for 15 yards. From a bench rest, I was able to achieve 2- 2 1/2 inch groups with standard 220 grain TMJ ammo. Then I tried Buffalo Bore (BB)Heavy 270 grain LFN which I'll use for short-range, back-up while hunting feral hogs. What a difference in recoil!!! But the Alaskan held it's own (and so did I). BB is some serious stuff folks!!! I use the 180 grain heavy cast core in my GP-100 .357 for mid-range hog hunting. All I can say is, this handgun is as tough as an Abrams tank and is as accurate as one can shoot it. Just like my GP-100 .357 Magnum and P90 .45 ACP, I made a another excellent choice to go with Ruger. Awesome handgun folks!!!
By boony from texas
The best 44 mag I ever shot, April 27, 2013
I love this gun. Its my hiking gun and very controlable with heavy 300 grain 44 mags loads.its reassuring to have on your hip while walking in bear country but hope I never have to use it besides on targets.....cause that's fun with this gun
By steven from arizona
Great service - good price, November 05, 2012
What a fun gun to shoot. At first, it was somewhat intimidating but on the first pull of the trigger found the 44 magnum accurate with less recoil than expected. I will buy from Impact guns in the future.
By Scottie from Pennsylvania
Very fun and functional, June 23, 2012
This is the 1st ruger I have ever owned, and I think it will be the first out of many. While shooting this little beast accurately will require some practice, it's still pleasantly accurate for a first time shooter at close range. Let's face it, if you have to shoot something with a handgun, it's probably going to right on top of you anyway! Loaded with some 180gr JHP the Alaskan .44 is quite tame when you consider the barrel length. However, step it up to 240+...HANG ON! Like a previous poster said, it's loud, don't be surprised when the range goes quiet and people start looking around when you squeez one off. The gun feels very solid with a smooth stout trigger pull in double action. The stock grips dampen the shock and fit my larg hands very nicely. The only thing, IMO, that will better this little cannon, would be a hi-viz front sight. If you are considering buying this handgun, quit thinking and buy it, you will thank yourself the first time you obliterate a watermelon at close range :-)
By Estep from Church Hill, TN
DAMN!!, May 28, 2012
This .44is the best handgun I have ever owned! It is a beast LOL! as soon as i get my concealed license it will go with me EVERYWHERE!! It has a great feel to it in my hand.. its beautiful!! One thing i recommend is buying a hoster that is made to fit it cause you won't be happy with one that isnt... just saying... i had to order mine off line cause no one had one.. I also have been buying up ammo every week 1 box of 50 at 28$ not bad!! i now have 500 rounds and still buying!! I would recommend this GUN to anyone!! so just buy it!! what are you waiting for!!! thanks RUGER!!
By hawkeyes73 from south carolina
yeah, it's that good, January 23, 2012
This was indeed my first firearm, and funny enough i use it for what its intended where it was intended. my redhawk has been with me through hell and back all over Alaska's Kenai peninsula and i will say its just somthing i dont leave behind. I have infact had it drawn on a coastal brownie before...... still didnt feel very safe ;-). with 180gr jhp, i can hit a 1.5x1.5 plate of steel at 30feet firing at about 1rd/sec. kicking into single action i can murder a pop can at 50 feet every time, not bad for such a short sight radius. i do find this particular model a bit of a ruse because why buy the 44 when you could have the 454? becasue ammo is easier to find, and a 320gr hardcast will still knock the block off just about anything. imaculate firearm, tough as nails, will be by my side for years to come. buy it
By LAT60N from Alaska
Super Redhawk, January 06, 2012
This is the LOUDEST handgun I own. I cannot be happier. It's very hard to be accurate at less than 25' because of the very short barrell, but with the sound - you don't have to be. The sound alone will scare the hell out of any predator.
By Joe Baby from Omaha, NE
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