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Ruger SR22 Rifle .22LR, Semi Auto Rifle, 16" Barrel, 10 Rnd Mag

Ruger SR22 Rifle .22LR, Semi Auto Rifle, 16" Barrel, 10 Rnd Mag

Ruger SR22 Rifle .22LR, Semi Auto Rifle, 16" Barrel, 10 Rnd Mag

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Reviewed by 5 customer  
A Little LocTite Needed, July 30, 2013
The scope mount, which is the entire upper rail you see on top of the receiver; it bolts to the receiver using recessed screws. This gun uses an ordinary 10/22 receiver that is clam-shelled by the cool looking receiver. Not nearly as easy to take down as a regular 10/22, but that is the price you pay for the cool looking cosmetics. Any how the upper scope mount rail kept coming loose on mine during normal reasonable usage. I finally put some loctite on the screws and I think the issue is now fixed. Good running gun. Won't hardly jam at all using decent ammo and factory 10 or 25 round clips. Quarter sized groups at 50 yards using a Simmons 2.5-10x50 scope.
By Timothy from Missouri
Awesome Gun!, January 12, 2013
Picked one up just for fun, now it's one of my favorite guns. Accurate, light weight, and fun to shoot. Great alternative to an AR. The 10/22 action is superb!
By Derek from Utah
SR-22 Ruger, March 05, 2012
Good gun all around. I purchased it to practice and have a good 22 rifle. It is a disapointment that Ruger states and is in there proceedures to take the scope and scope mount off in order to take apart and clean the rifle. I had to re-zero the scope after cleaning. I found that you can file down a few parts near the front of the clip and grind down the back of the trigger guard to avoid this. I have been told that on the newer SR 22 rifles that this is not the case, however I called and e-mailed Ruger and was told that they have not changed the proceedures? I think the price is higher than should be 423 to 500 is alot for a 22. barrell length is just right for a 22 LR.
By Tom from SE Idaho
excellent rifle, May 15, 2011
This gun is one of the first guns I've owned after haveing to return the first gun I got, a 1970 marlin 30-30 that was haveing issues and the shop diddnt fix it after I droped it off for over a week so I exchanged it for the Ruger SR-22, from the time I got it I loved it. Its well built, acurate, and alot of fun to shoot. Also if you like .22, I suggest the Henry AR-7 survival rifle.
By Kyle from Pittsfield MA
Too much fun!!!, December 13, 2010
Throw a 25-round banana clip on this thing and go. It's a heavy gun so there is absolutely NO recoil. This makes it extremely accurate on subsequent shots. Once sighted-in, just aim and blast away. Hours of cheap fun. It has eaten every round of cheap 22lr I have thrown at it. Enjoy!
By ElectricAmish from West Jordan, Utah
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