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Ruger LCP-CT, 380 ACP, W/Crimson Trace Laser

Ruger LCP-CT, 380 ACP, W/Crimson Trace Laser

Ruger LCP-CT, 380 ACP, W/Crimson Trace Laser

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Reviewed by 10 customer  
Like but safety hazzard when firing., March 26, 2015
Liked everything about it EXCEPT the part that curves out above the grip where your thumb & 1st finger meet needs to be a bit longer. I was at the range on a hot August day and the recoil with the sweat from my palms cause the gun to slip and sliced my thumb requiring 6 stitches. No, I was not holding the gun wrong, for those of you who think you know what really happened. Event an instructor on site who inspects the guns before you are allowed to shoot, commented that he felt it should be longer.
By Dennie from Tulsa, Oklahoma
Perfect little Pocket Rocket!!, February 04, 2015
Whether in shorts, jeans or slacks, this fits comfortably in my pocket and always gives me the feeling of safety and security when venturing out in to this mad world. Put this in a Galco ankle holster and you won't even feel it on your leg, that's how light it is. Accurate on the range from 15 yards and laser just makes shooting fun. Perfect little backup for this old LE guy.
By Dave G. from West Palm Beach, Florida
I purchased this pistol about one month ago, and I must say I made a wise investment. I will be getting my CPL in the mail any day now, and I can't wait to start being able conceal this gun. I am a small framed man (5' 0") 125 lbs, and when this gun is strapped to me in my holster, you can't even tell I'm carrying a pistol. FYI for people planning on getting this gun: Go to the range and make sure to bring your allen wrench with you. Out of the box, my laser was about 8" off target. With help from the fine follks at the range, my LCP will hit where the laser is aimed every time. I love everything about this gun, and wouldn't own anything else for personal defense. Keep up the good work RUGER!!
By Troy from Mount Morris
favorite carry in hip pocket, March 03, 2013
this is an awesome carry weapon or night stand weapon the laser is cool and makes it a quick draw and fire gun accuracy at 75 feet with 6-12" grouping 100 feet 24" grouping 125 feet cant hit target but 1 time in 7 rounds i carry this gun in my hip pocket when walking in the city a bad guy is going to a very bad day if he sticks me up
By tricky ricky from Washington DC
Great little carry gun, August 19, 2012
I received my LCP-CT about 4 weeks ago. In that time I have run about 400 rounds of Winchester for break-in and tried about 50 rounds of Federal Hydra-shock for everyday carry ammo. It functioned 100 percent with both. The Hydra-shock feels like it wants to fail to feed when racking the slide but goes through it without a problem. Surprising, it's not hard to make sub 2"~3" groups at 15 yards. Double action trigger takes some getting used to but is pretty smooth. I normally carry a Glock 27 but find myself leaving it behind depending on the apparel. That is where this little guy comes in. It easly fits in a pocket or a IWB holster. Overall, its a great carry gun. As for Impact Guns, this was my third purchase from them and it was easy as always!
By Bert from Miami, FL
love it, February 16, 2012
love the gun easy to use light for pocket cary shoots great over 250 rounds no jams not a problem.the laz is about useless works fine just isnt going to do much if you need to pull and fire.I would recomend this gun to anyone that is looking for a sub compact fire arm.
By bill from springhiill fl
Awesome!, October 11, 2011
This was bought for me as a gift, my dad wanted me to have a good self defense pistol. Shot 50 rounds through it the day after I got it, both regular target shooting and some self defense drills. No malfunctions what so ever, although my hand was a bit sore. I definitely wouldn't want to be in the receiving end of this pistol. I have small hands so the pistol is a good fit for me, but with the grip extension on the magazine my dad had no issues shooting it either. I definitely recommend this as a self defense weapon or as a back up weapon for law enforcement. It's small but efficient.
By Chelsea from Idaho
Not what I thought it would be, March 14, 2011
I bought this handgun new from a local dealer that I get all my handguns from. I was very excited to get out and shoot it cause it was the first gun i owned with a laser on it. First thoughts on it were all positive, its small and thin, thinner then my wallet. Fit very nicely in my back pocket. I carried it everywhere with me... Then i got out a week later and shot it A few problems i had with mine to start off, first the laser wasn't sighted in with the gun which i kinda thought it would be since i bought the gun new with it already on it but eh not so much a big problem, just didn't have the tool with me to correct it. So first mag i have no idea where the bullets went, and this was only at 5 yards, thats how bad the laser was off... second mag i used the sights and got 5 in a quarter sized group, but the sights are almost impossible to use, they are so small. And since they were so small i didn't even wanna try any farther back then 5 yards, but since its a small conceal carry gun for self protection i didn't really need to be any farther back... The handle is very small, VERY small. I don't have huge hands but my pinky and almost all my ring finger were off the handle. I've shot another .380 that was a cheap knock off of a PPK and i had no problems with that one but with this having a small handle makes a big difference. Since its so small all the recoil is put right in the muscle between your thumb and pointer finger and after awhile it starts to make your hand hurt. Its a good thing its not an every day shooter cause it would suck bad if you had to use it like that all the time. Last problem was something i came to find a lot of people having problems with, did research on youtube when i was done shooting. The slide, when chambering the first round, would not go all the way forward by itself. The round would go in the chamber fine and the gun looked ready to go but the slide would get stuck back just enough to keep it from firing. Every time i chambered a round i had to push the slide myself. I was not happy with this at all, and i know guns have a break in period, but this was the first and only new gun i bought that has ever done this. I will not buy another Ruger LCP because of all these things and i will tell people to watch out for them. They are a great gun in idea, but when it comes to function mine was not to my liking and i already have plans to trade it in at my gun dealer for a Bersa Thunder .380
By TimNasty from Hanover PA 17331
Good Shooter, December 25, 2010
Grip ergonomics make it much easier to point and control over my Kel-Tec P3AT. Controls and function are good and the laser is a great bonus for a weapon with such small sights.
By Jester from Old Dominion
Crimson Trace, December 24, 2010
It's good that this pistol is offered with a crimson trace. These lasers make it so easy to aquire the target. Anybody who wants one of these is getting a good deal with the laser.
By Shawn from Michigan
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