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Ruger LCP 380 Ultra Compact Pistol Original Model

Ruger LCP 380 Ultra Compact Pistol Original Model

Ruger LCP 380 Ultra Compact Pistol Original Model

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Reviewed by 89 customer  
Great Carry Pistol. Unnoticeable., September 05, 2016
I have 2 of these little Ruger LCP's. One came with a Crimson Trace laser and both are very accurate considering their short barrel. Well built
By Ivan from Oklahoma
Nice little firearm, May 15, 2016
Seems there is always one or two people that rate everything at one or two stars. If you read their reviews, they are never happy about anything to do with the product they review. I hardly ever read a review with less than 3 stars out of 5. Carry an extra couple of mags with you just in case. Ruger makes good stuff.
By Yakker from Virginia
Ruger LCP 100% Self Defense weapon, January 16, 2016
Great self defense gun .Well built,very accurate 10 yards or less.Accuracy falls off sharply after 10 yards.Impact Guns had a great price on it couldnt pass it up.
By Rick from Brewster NY
Great little gun, December 07, 2015
I have to agree with some of the reviews and greatly disagree with others. I own MANY handguns and this baby handles very well for something this small. Firearms of this size are not meant to be tack drivers but rather to be comfortable enough to actually carry. I have 2 carry guns but usually carry this one because it fits in my pocket.If you want a range gun buy a range gun.
By General Jay from Utah
, February 03, 2015
law inforcement only in cal.
By from
never again, December 30, 2014
Was not pleased with the lcp at all. Didn't like the long trigger pull and just the overall feeling of shooting the gun. 6 shots and it went back in the truck I'd rather shoot my shot gun then this thing.
By nope from az
Ran over and still works!, November 03, 2014
I was cleaning out my truck parked in my drive way at night. Gun must have fell out I did not see it of course. Rained all night in the morning I went to leave and backed right over it. Needless to say it made me sick. The gun looked perfect not a mark on it. Brought it the house unloaded it dried it went to work. Got home checked it out reloaded took it out back still shot perfect. What a well built gun!
By Charlie from upstate N.Y.
new and improved, October 09, 2014
While Ruger didn't advertise their latest LCP's as such they have been "up-graded" The latest ones have an improve trigger pull and better sights. Although a gun with 4" sight radius is never going to be a target pistol. This is a CCW weapon and it fulfills that role very well. There will always be those who feel .380 is an anemic round...You can be sure a defensive load in this caliber in center mass will severely discourage an attacker.
By Richard from Indiana
Fantastic!, September 16, 2013
I must say, I am pleased beyond belief. I am a shotgun man for sport. This is my first pistol to own. Have shot many others, including my son's 9. I struggled with what to buy, but simply wanted a grab and go in the pocket gun. I read all the reviews and, yup, it is small and has serious trigger pull. But, it is EXACTLY what I wanted. This gun dissappears into my pocket. I am comfortable carrying it and do so constantly. My family is simply safer. Today on the news, there were two headling armed robberies in my "viewing area." The threat is real. A bigger gun would be a contant chore and/or decision. Not with the LCP. It is the way to go.
By SciGuy from Spring, TX
Ruger LCP, February 05, 2013
This is a great gun for concealed carry because its size makes it likely that you actually will carry it all the time. My other carry gun is a Beretta PX4 Storm compact, the best handgun I've owned, but I'm only comfortable carrying it in winter when it is easier to conceal. In summer clothing the LCP is so easy to conceal with an IWB holster, that I practically forget I'm wearing it. I had 2 failures to eject in the first 50 rounds I fired. Since then I've fired hundreds of rounds with no problems. It does have a long hard trigger pull, but this is a feature of a DAO pistol with no safety. It takes some getting used to, but does not affect the performance of the gun. At 7 to 10 yards I have 2 - 3 inch groups in the center of the target. I don't practice longer distances with this gun, as its purpose is strictly self defense. The LCP is not in the same class as the PX4, but I didn't expect it to be. It's purpose is to be a reliable gun that you never hesitate to carry, and it meets that objective extremely well.
By Ed from Spring, TX
Great CCW option, January 09, 2013
I carry my LCP daily-as I write this I am gearing up to go the the grocery store and my LCP will ride with me in a DeSantis Nemesis pocket rig. The best thing about this little LCP is you will carry in places you may not have otherwise due to it's extreme concealability and light weight. Work functions, kid's plays, sporting can carry this ANYWHERE. It goes bang every time and cycles quality ammo with total reliability provided you have a FIRM GRIP! I MEAN FIRM. It can be a very challenging pistol for novice shooters to master. I bought my wife the S&W Bodyguard because she can gain more purchase on the larger grip. People with smaller hands may want to stay AWAY from this little gun. I have MASSIVE hands and by gripping FIRM with my top two fingers she runs real, real well. I have plenty of carry options but have found this little pardner to be a huge tactical asset
By Big Timmy from Kennewick, WA
Ruger LCP 380 compared to SW Body Guard 380, January 02, 2013
Looking at some of the other reviews, it looks like people need to learn how to fire a pistol. Just purchased this gun and I'm 100% happy. Very accurate even with the trigger pull. Some people need to learn how to shoot a pistol. Compared to my S&w 380 Body Guard which had 2 misfires from the same box of ammo, I'll take the Ruger LCP 380 over my S&W Body Guard. Ruger had NO misfires and no ejection problems and this was with CHEAP AMMO from over sea's. Looking to buy a second Ruger for my wife to carry.
By sidekick56 from USA
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