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Ruger LC9, 9mm, Blue Finish, 7+1 Capacity

Ruger LC9, 9mm, Blue Finish, 7+1 Capacity

Ruger LC9, 9mm, Blue Finish, 7+1 Capacity

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Reviewed by 25 customer  
Ruger LC9 \, November 01, 2014
Just put a box of mixed ammo through my new Ruger LC9. I'm pleased to say it went bang every time I pulled the trigger with 115 to 147 grain ammo. For the small size it is suprisingly comfortable to shoot. Went through 50 rounds quickly and flawlessly. It does have the typical Ruger "mile long trigger pull" which hinders accuracy. The gun groups well, it just takes some getting used the extremely long pull. Other than that, I am completely satisfied with the LC9. Reliability is the main objective for me, time will tell. So far, the LC9 is off to a great start. Hope to put another box through it soon.
By AWM from South Carolina
First Gun, June 30, 2014
I have fired this gun multiple times in 6 months, I would say close to 1,000 rounds if not more. I can't think of any misfires. I enjoy having it kick enough to let me know it's a 'real' gun but not too much making me compromise accuracy. Very VERY easy to disassemble and clean and put back together. The only things I would change are: 1. I would appreciate an extra clip with it 2. I would appreciate clips with higher capacity Finally, my only complaint is that after a few uses and cleanings, it started to rattle a little bit when I shake it but that may just be to normal wear and tear. Overall, great gun and easily concealable!
By Tyler from Riverdale
Great CC weapon, April 03, 2014
First I'm not a fan of 9mm or little guns, but the LC9 replaced my old carry gun (Beretta Cheetah .380 single stack) admirably and the 9mm is much stronger than a .380. The gun runs like a good watch and at 25' it's very accurate, I run Hornady Critical Defense and not had ANY problems. At $500 it would still be a good deal.
By wildmike1951 from dallas, texas
Great Gun, May 28, 2013
As with any Ruger, quality and perfection. I dont know why but I looked at tons of pistols for my girlfreind to carry and kept coming back to the LC9. Finally bought her one with the Lasermax and man was I impressed with its balance, handling, accuracy and quality. I was so impressed that I put the NRA camo version on layaway after coming out of the range. I love everything about a Ruger from the 10/22's I got to the SP101 357mag revolver and now I own another one, happy happy happy :)
By RichieSlammer from Indianapolis, Indiana
LC9 - AWESOME PERFORMANCE, January 12, 2013
Purchased my LC9 in March 2012 (Talo Limited Edition). So, far I have pulled the trigger with a round in the chamber more than ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED (1,500) times, using FMJ (124 grain and 147 grain) and various top-shelf brands of HP (115 grain - 147 grain) ammunition. EVERY SINGLE TIME I have pulled its trigger, the little LC9 did its thing and fired. RELIABILITY IN SPADES.(For increased shooting comfort, I recently added a Pachymer glove grip.) A GREAT GUN!
By PABulldog from Pennsylvania
Really- this is a great pistol!, December 06, 2012
I give it 5 because it's everything I expected- and better than I had heard. 9mm power in a small package, and a great price. 100% reliable for me with all kinds of ammo. That earns 5 stars. Don;t be a poser...
By Magnum PI from CA
Good little gun, December 01, 2012
Wanted a sub with a little more punch than the LCP and this fits the bill. Use a pachmayr grip and the pinky extension. Buy yourself at least two more factory mags and go practice with this gun often. It is not point and click. The rear factory sight is installed loosely so you might want to tighten that before you shoot. Mine almost fell off duing the maiden voyage. A little Loctite fixed that. I wish the would make this gun with reversible mag release. It has way too many safety devices built in. Overkill on the California safety BS.
By Dano from Atlanta
Don't leave home without it., November 26, 2012
This pistol melts into my waist band just like it should as a body part. I made up my mind not to try to guess when I might need it so it is always there. Under those conditions it must be unobtrucive...comfortable..and it is. Trigger action is great. I shot with a revolver for years as primary carry..duty weapon. The trigger is revolver long but sweeter..nicer and once I got the feel I can shoot very decently with it and with confidence in a hard hitting caliber. The safety is handy too since I carry Mexican...just a little extra security.
By Pismopal from California
Broke my heart, November 25, 2012
How do I start. First off, I have owned and shot literally hundreds of firearms. I am not the complaining type. Second, I have always loved Ruger: The first rifle I ever owned was a 10/22, My first handgun a Ruger Blackhawk .357, I went through the Police Academy with a Ruger P-85. I had an LCP and loved it so when I heard about the LC9 I went out and bought one of the first ones out. I took it straight to the range and fired off the first clip, WOW! awesomeness! Then the second, pow, pow, click, click. I found something that I have never seen before, the firing pin hole in the bolt face was plugged with little pieces of brass, I cleaned it and again, same result. I reload on a Dillon SDB, once again, I'm not a novice, loaded tens of thousands of rounds. I always load mid-range power. I wondered if I got a bad lot of primers, so I loaded up my Beretta 92, my Kel-Tec P-11 and fired over a hundred rounds with no problems. Now the LC9 worked fine with factory duty loads, sent it back, Ruger replaced the slide, same problem, after three trips to ruger I just sold it. Say what you want but I was broken hearted. Oh yeah, the tech guy at Ruger said that I wasn't the only one with these complaints, maybe they fixed it on later pistols, who knows. It took me a year or so to not be mad at Ruger.
By Sgtbrian from Spanish Fork
Just not made the well!, November 24, 2012
The Gun is just not made that well... It's very loose on the slide. So loose it rattles when you shake the gun! Also has a very very very long trigger pull which take a lot of time to get comfortable with...
By Gun man from St. Louis
Affordable, Reliable, Accurate, November 09, 2012
I picked up this gun to be my ECW. Impact has the best price in town. The gun shot flawlessly out of the box. Points and acquires sights well. I put a Pachamyr grip on it and it adds a little bit of palm swell in the right places. Carry in a Sof-tuck holster from Desantis. Gets the job done. I would give it 5 stars, but it's not perfect. 1. This gun does not like Sellier and Bellow ammo. It just doesn't. The equally inexpensive Remington UMC shoots without hiccup. Get the American ammo. You'll save yourself loading and ejection issues. 2. Rear sight fell off at the range. No big deal. A small torgue wrench put it back on and tightened it, and a little bit of loctite will keep it in place. (let a gun smith do this if you're not comfortable or you'll glue your sights in the wrong place.) For me the sights were dead-on out of the box, so factory centering worked fine for a glue job. The pinky extension is a must for me. I have regular sized hands, but it helps with recoil (which is relatively low anyway). I'm happy with this purchase and would recommend it as an ECW.
By CCW Reviewer from Utah
Perfect Size, October 29, 2012
I love the gun, the size and the "pop". I'm adjusting to the long double action trigger pull but after a few more rounds I'll adjust just fine. Got the laser with it. Very nice for CCW.
By Mick from Missouri
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