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CIA AK47 WASR 10 HI CAP, Romanian, 7.62x39, Folding Stock, 30rd Mag

CIA AK47 WASR 10 HI CAP, Romanian, 7.62x39, Folding Stock, 30rd Mag

CIA AK47 WASR 10 HI CAP, Romanian, 7.62x39, Folding Stock, 30rd Mag

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ITEM #: RI1205-N
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Reviewed by 11 customer  
GREAT RIFLE., October 15, 2011
I bought this rifle when it was on sale from Impact and I have to say I have been very pleased with it. It is a fun rifle to shoot, grabs people's attention at the range, and is decently accurate. Do not buy synthetic magazines such as Tapco because the magazines will not fit in, and they are also difficult to get latched and released. Any metal magazine made for this rifle will work as far as I know. I love mine, and the parts are fairly priced for it!
By Curtis Moore from Winston-Salem, NC
must have, September 23, 2011
love it only problem is there was no cleaning rod an my baonet is really hard to put on as well as the gas chamber latch other than that perfect gun
By doughboy from pa
AWESOME WASR 10, September 05, 2011
I purchased this on a whim, and glad I did. I was a little worried with buying a GP WASR 10/63 from CAI without seeing it first, but I wanted a gun to keep in the trunk, and this was on sale, so I went for it. Upon first inspection, I knew this wasn't going to stay in the trunk :)! Sights are straight, magazine is tight, and after 500 rounds already, I have noticed no trigger slap. The folding stock is SOLID, and I feel will last. I am not a huge fan of the Galil style hand-guard, but it fits, and matches the weapon NICELY. The supplied mags fed well, as well as the Tapco Intrafuse I bought with it. I do however have two complaints. The firearm did not ship with ANYTHING but a bayonet, and mags. No cleaning rod, cleaning kit, ammo pouch, sling, or oil can. Although these item can be had for cheap, its still an inconvenience. Also, the action was a little rough at first. I busted out the dremel and flitz, and did a little polishing of the contact point. I shined up the bottom of the bolt, and the top of the hammer. These two items are the main drag points. I also shined up the rails on the receiver where the bolt carrier rides. After it was all said and done, it was butter smooth. I can now charge the weapon with just a pinky pull. All in all I'm tremendously satisfied with this purchase. The gun fires EVERY TIME the trigger is pulled, and is very accurate for a WASR, no problems at all! Shipping was about 5 days or so, not to bad.
By edeekeos from Indiana
Got this gun a month ago, September 03, 2011
and finally got it out to the range today. Tons of fun. Put about 2-300 rounds through it. My thoughts. 1. Came a bit scratched up and the front sight was a bit dented up. Bit of a bummer. 2. does not come with the shown cleaning rod. 3. Shot well and was more accurate than I expected. Put paper plates on the backstop 75 yards away. Did not get any dead center but hit the plate most of the time once we got the gun sited in. 4. Not much of a recoil. Easy to shoot a 30 round clip without much fatigue. 5. Ammo is cheap compared to many other guns. The gun shot nicely and was worth the money. Would recommend.
By jd from pa
AK47 WASR 10 Fever..., August 29, 2011
Just bought this gun and I am loving it. My first chance I got I headed out for a day of shooting. I was using a mix of Wolf and Tulammo and this AK47 just eats what ever you feed it. Through roughly 500 rounds it never jammed once. It was accurate and easy to use. Cleaning the gun was simple. Deffinately a great buy!
By Savaged1 from Roy, UT
Get'r Now!, December 31, 2010
This is an excellent collectors gun and you better grab them while you still can. I just added this to my collection and keep it folded and mounted under my computer desk in my home office. I haven't had any issues with canted sights on these later versions. There was some magazine wobble but I replaced my mags with poly ones and that eliminated the wobble. This is the perfect SHTF gun and I trust the 7.62 over the 5.56 in my M4 any day. You wont be sorry on this purchase.
By Jason from Bentonville, AR
ROMANIAN WASR 10 HI CAP 7.62X39 FOLDING STOCK., December 29, 2010
Just got this WASR from Impact. Took it out and put 4 30 round clips through it. Didn't miss a beat. The sights were even set right on for 100 yards. Got 3" groupings. This is a great little rifle.
By David from Bartlesville, OK
Romanian WASR 10, December 18, 2010
A few months ago I purchased the wasr-10 for a crazy amount in store but it was still well worth it the first time I fired it. The only bad thing is you can easily get carried away shooting it and before you know it you have to buy more ammo. There is also a large amount of upgrades for it that can really increase its value. Overall a great performing rifle!
By Dillon from Akron,OH
Ak-47, December 18, 2010
This is a good rifle, they function flawlessly but sometimes the gas block is canted slightly. They are accurate and fun to shoot.
By Shawn from Michigan
WASR HI CAP AK 47, November 30, 2010
I bought the one that had the collapsible stock. I cleaned it up and took it out. I one of the magazines would not work. I tried cleaning it but that didn't do it. I put one mag through it. I was just standing there with the rifle on the sling I had bought and the rifle fell into the snow. I looked at it to find that the sling swivel that came on the rifle just broke off the stock. As far as accuracy goes it was great.
By ButchKassidy from Ogden, UT
WASR 10 Reveiw. Great gun for the Price!!!!, November 15, 2010
I recenty purchased this AK-47 rifle. I purchased the AK-47 WASR 10 and overall ive been very happy with it. For the price, $370, its proven to be a great gun for me. Ive always wanted an AK but never had the money for a top of the line AK. Never had any problems with it so far and have shot about 2,000 rounds through it (trigger happy). Ive heard from other reviews that it is common to have problems with the sights but i havent had any issues. Overall, this is a great AK for the money. Are their better AK's out there? Yes. But its an excellent entry level gun and a ton of fun to shoot.
By Sam from Missouri
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