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Mauser M48 Yugoslavian 8MM Bolt Action, Surplus, Very Good Condition

Mauser M48 Yugoslavian 8MM Bolt Action, Surplus, Very Good Condition

Mauser M48 Yugoslavian 8MM Bolt Action, Surplus, Very Good Condition

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Reviewed by 16 customer  
Great rifle, June 28, 2013
Im very pleased with my purchase. Thanks for the super service,Robert. I will buy from your store again,for sure. My son loves his yugo..Have a great year.
By gries12001 from Eighty-four, Pa
Caveat Emptor, March 08, 2013
I purchased my M48 in late January/early February---before it was disclosed that these rifles only have straight bolts. The barrel has strong rifling. The stock is adequate---nothing to write home about. Unlucky me, I got a straight-handled bolt. The bolt's numbers do not match the rest of the rifle and, unfortunately, it has significant pitting. Had I known about the bolt, I would have held onto my money and waited for something better.
By HikageMaru from Dallas, Texas
Well pleased, February 28, 2013
Received my 1944 Mauser a couple of weeks ago, and have been doing some work on it sporadically since. The stock was just a bit rough, so I did a real light sand and put a satin finish on it. The bore was o.k., but after some JB bore compound and JB bore bright, it looks fantastic. I am a retired old geezer, so Things like this give me something to occupy my time. I got out this morning with three of my new "toys" and did a little shooting. 20 rds through the Mauser, and not one little problem. Very accurate and powerful even with my failing eyesight I used surplus ammo on stripper clips, but hand fed as the clips were a pain for me. The internal mag is so sweet they almost fall into place with hardly any pressure at all. The only minor complaint I have is with the safety knob. It is very hard to move for me. But with my old arthritic fingers it is understandible. All in all a very outstanding piece of history. This was my third firearm from Impact, and I just ordered last night my Mosin Nagant sniper. Can't wait to get that in my hands. Impact has been terrific considering the crazy and busy times they are going through As the title says, I am a well pleased customer. Thank you IMPACT!! Jim
By Jimbo from Vail, Arizona
Nice rifle for the money, February 08, 2013
I don't think the one I received has ever been fired. It did come with a straight handled bolt though, and not the curved as shown in the picture. It still works, but it was not as shown. Other than that it is a nice rifle for the money.
By Steve from Texas
I'd carry this rifle into battle anyday, January 27, 2013
The surplus "Yugo" Mausers have been selling off like hotcakes ever since the cache reached U.S. soil for good reason, they have been well cared for and these are among the best quality Mausers ever made. good, tight action, Post war, these were made with non-wartime shortage high quality wood & steel. Mine has always been right on the money, good weight distribution, the gun itself deserves a 5 rating in my opinion, had to give it a 4 because it can be difficult to find good ammo for these. For those who have reported minor problems, certain main line brands of ammo don't play nice with this model. Beware the follies of corrosive berdan primed ammo, unless you intend to fully breakdown & clean your gun immediately after your done shooting. Made for every citizen of Yugoslavia after WWII & stored in preservative these rifles were made to guarantee the freedom of a nation. They never got their chance...yet!
By 2nd Amendment Supporter from Montana, USA
great rifle, September 26, 2012
rifle is better than i thought it would very happy
By ty from flint MI
its grrrrrreat, August 01, 2012
gun came in best condition. stock great. barrel great. bolt great. shot it for first time sweet shooter. rest. would highly recommend it.
By scott from PA
It said good condition but came back with like 20 scrathes and stuff carved in all over, possibly the worst order I have made.
By ... from ...
Received my Impact Guns Yugo M48 today!, July 17, 2012
It is beautiful; much nicer than I expected. Appears like new, has beautiful furniture, ALL matching parts! And for THIS price! Mitchell's wants $200 more for same condition. Also, I am impressed with the customer service including the speed of transfer to my FFL as well as the courteous and prompt attention to a minor issue with my initial order. Kudos to Kathy and Brian in internet sales! You have all earned a loyal customer!
By Bigdogdaddy from Burleson, TX
Better than described, May 14, 2012
Just a note to say that my rifle was in better condition than listed in the internet. Arrived at my dealer quickly. Could not have had a better experience. What a great rifle for under $300 bucks.
By George from Mustang NV
M48 sevice rifle, April 29, 2012
I used it back in days,when i served in Yugoslavian national army,on my trooper training (1981).I can tell you,never used such accurate rifle as this.
By feri from serbia
very good gun, April 28, 2012
it's very nice karabiner even if cost would be twice as much. store took entire week to get it out the door and another whole week for UPS to get it to my door. i know i shouldn't complaint it's not the worst possible delivery time but I kinda felt too impatient. Metal is excellent condition, no rust very little wear! machining and finish of metal is superb. only one downer is the stock. while fit is good, finish is really rough if not to say subpar. maybe it's just my sample or maybe they're all like that i don't know. but I feel like this very nice rifle screams/deserves to have good wood on. If i had a duplicator i'd be shaping a new stock for it this weekend. other than stock I'm very happy. kinda opposite of Mosin 91/30s which have nice wood even on war-time guns but rough metal finish unless post-war. with m48s it's other way around.
By C&R collector from Needham, MA
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