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*D*Remington R15 30 Rem AR Varmint Tactical 22 Fluted Barrel Realtree AP Camo

*D*Remington R15 30 Rem AR Varmint Tactical 22 Fluted Barrel Realtree AP Camo

*D*Remington R15 30 Rem AR Varmint Tactical 22 Fluted Barrel Realtree AP Camo

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Model R-15 Hunter .30 Remington AR 22" Barrel Blue Finish Fixed Stock With Pistol Grip RealTree AP HD Camouflage Finish 4 Round Detachable Magazine, Optic Ready

The R-15 VTR modular repeating rifle was born of the most advanced design aspects of AR-15-style rifles available today with a strong emphasis on optimizing form and functionality for the modern predator aficionado. The results are astounding with very serious implications for every coyote, fox or bobcat that crosses its path.

For peak accuracy, the R-15 s 0.680" OD barrel is precision-crafted from ChroMoly steel. It s free-floated within the machined-aluminum fore-end tube and given a recessed hunting crown to ensure gasses escape evenly around the bullet for the ultimate in shot-to-shot consistency. Six longitudinal flutes forward of the gas block promote rapid barrel cooling and increase rigidity while reducing weight, further contributing to this rifle s ability to print tiny clusters at an incredible pace. The hunting single-stage trigger design is as cleanbreaking as they come. The semi-automatic gas action all but eliminates muzzle jump and recoil so your target remains in the crosshairs.

And when it s time toe add optics, the receiver-length Picatinny rail makes it a rock-solid cinch. Control comes naturally with the ergonomic pistol grip and lightweight overall design of the R-15. Its uppers and lowers are machined from aluminum forgings for featherweight durability, and the fore-end tube is drilled and tapped for accessory rails. The R-15 is decked in the ultra-effective Realtree AP camo.

Caliber 30 REMINGTON® AR:

OVERVIEW: Now for the first time, Remington® brings you 30 caliber hunting performance in a lightweight R-15 modular repeating rifle. Our new 30 Remington® AR cartridge produces big-game-dropping ballistics similar to the venerable 308 Win. with pressures perfectly suited to our lightweight R-15 platform. Comparable terminal power was once only available in the heavier AR-10 platform. This cartridge is the ultimate synergy of our ammunition and firearms expertise, as its development forever changes the shape of both categories, creating a revolutionary new big-game hunting system. Our lightweight R-15 platform – its minimal recoil, rapid follow-ups, easy maintenance and inherent accuracy – chambered for a cartridge that will put down deer-sized game with gusto. This year’s offerings include the most trusted big-game bullet of all time, Core-Lokt, the pinnacle of polymer-tipped accuracy, AccuTip and an economical UMC loading. As a cartridge, the 30 Remington AR breaks new ground. In conjunction with our R-15 modular repeating rifle, it marks the beginning of a new era in the deer woods of North America.

It is based on a shortened version of the .450 Bushmaster, which itself was a cut-down version of the .284 Winchester. Like the .284 Win, the 30 Remington AR has a rebated rim, so it will fit a .308 Win-sized boltface (0.473?). While it resembles a 30BR, the new case is much fatter, offering an impressive 44 grains of powder capacity.

Shown with Optional Scope and Base


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