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Remington 870 Express Tactical A-Tacs Camo 12GA 18.5 Barrel

Remington 870 Express Tactical A-Tacs Camo 12GA 18.5 Barrel

Remington 870 Express Tactical A-Tacs Camo 12GA 18.5 Barrel

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ITEM #: 047700812045
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THE BOOMSTICK, February 24, 2016
EVERYONE needs a shotgun. It is perfect for home defense, can be used for hunting, and is also nice for target/skeet shooting. The Remington 870 is the king of all of these things. This particular model really helps emphasize these things with some of its extra features. I'll start talkin' about the pros of this gun, since there are so many, and not too much for cons. First of all, its a 12g scattergun. Its powerful. Given that 12g is a practical caliber with all kinds of assortments for you to choose from to fire out of this thing, you will have plenty of ways to go at it. I have been firing straight up 00 buck by Remington out of this thing, and it has had about 100 rounds through it. This is where I will knock out one of the cons of this thing. Some shells wouldn't eject when I gave her a pump, but I kept shootin' with it and got around to it. You HAVE to cycle it like you mean it. If anything, tilt the firearm clockwise to just quickly let the shell fall out and load another one in IF this happens. On a better note, this particular model comes with the nice recoil pad, and it makes a difference. Your shoulder will be able to last a lot more with this in comparison to other models. The pump action itself is smooth. Like I said, just get into the habit of giving her a good pump. The trigger is nice, I forgot the actual trigger pull weight, but believe me when I say its good, so is the trigger reset. If anything, just practice around the trigger pull/reset. This particular model also comes with a muzzle choke, which greatly tightens up the shot. The stock sights are nice, but given that it has a nice rail, I threw an EOTech on it. The layout of this firearms mechanics is nothing to complain about, unless you are used to shooting Mossbergs. The safety is right in the trigger guard, unlike on a Mossberg 500 where it is on the other side. The pistol grip is firm and gives nice control. Overall, this is a great gun even with its little flaws. Get it if you want a great boomstick.
By Dylan Prime from VA
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