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PTR91 308 Rifle, W/Rail, Squad Carbine w/16" Fluted Barrel

PTR91 308 Rifle, W/Rail, Squad Carbine w/16" Fluted Barrel

PTR91 308 Rifle, W/Rail, Squad Carbine w/16" Fluted Barrel

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Reviewed by 2 customer  
PTR stands behind it's products!, August 12, 2015
I originally bought the PTR 91 Squad carbine. Someone at the factory had missed a crucial weld which resulted in a non-functional gun. I returned the gun to PTR (they paid for the shipping charges) and waited to hear from them. I told the representative at PTR that I had lost confidence in that particular weapon and I would rather have another gun. (Please note: Everybody makes a dud from time to time. The original gun I purchased must have been made late on a Friday afternoon. The true test of reliability is in how well a company stands behind it's product. In a world of "Give us your money and shut the hell up" I was very pleased with PTR's response.) They sent me a new gun! It is a different model, a PTR 91FR, which was fine with me. The main things I needed were a welded top rail and one bottom rail on the forearm (for a bipod). The FR model has an 18" match grade bull barrel ... an improvement as far as I'm concerned. So, even though my original purchase didn't work out so well I still give my PTR 5 stars. I am very pleased with my rifle and PTR. By the way; my PTR is lighter and has less recoil than my DPMS SASS (.308 sniper rifle on an AR 10 platform).
By Desert Hermit from Nevada
One of the best long guns ever made (PTR/HK 91), June 10, 2015
I have wanted an HK 91 for over 30 years. In my opinion it is one of the best long guns ever made. It works great as an offensive, defensive, survival, hunting and assault weapon. Home defense is not a great idea unless you don't have neighbors within a mile and you live alone. (A .308 is a devastating weapon at close range and will shoot through doors and walls and it has a very long range.) Anyway, after wanting one of these things for a long time I was not disappointed at all. I have not finished the "break in" period, but I have had no malfunctions so far. I purchased this particular model because of the welded top rail and the three forward rails. The lower forward rail is in use with a CAA bipod and a UTG folding grip w/ storage. The sights on the gun work great and are accurate. I have purchased an EOtech 552 calibrated for .308. The top rail is a must for this as it will allow use of items used on my 5.56 NATO rifles ... such as a magnifier and night vision. As earlier stated, This weapon is very accurate with the stock sights. Though it does not say HK on the lower receiver, it is not a lesser quality weapon. In addition to being accurate it feels very solid and well built in my hands. It takes down without tools and is an easy to understand design. The carrier/bolt assembly is a bit strange, but in reassembly remember - turn clockwise! Once used to the procedure the gun can be taken down and reassembled in 3 minutes or less. If you are used to AR's and bolt action rifles, there is a bit of a learning curve, but the PTR is a durable, solid, well made rifle. A great addition to my small collection.
By Desert Hermit from Nevada
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