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Primary Weapons Systems MK214 7.62 14in barrel, pinned flash hider.

Primary Weapons Systems MK214 7.62 14in barrel, pinned flash hider.

Primary Weapons Systems MK214 7.62 14in barrel, pinned flash hider.

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ITEM #: PWS-MK214-762
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The MK214 was developed by Primary Weapons Systems (PWS) as an intermediate range battle rifle. Designed specifically for use as a designated marksman rifle in urban environments and utilizing our proven long stroke piston system, this weapon is as reliable as the AK47 that it was designed after.

Significant improvements have been made over both the direct gas impingement operating system and previous offerings of piston-driven operating systems. The Stainless Steel, Isonite QPQ treated 1:10 twist barrel provides unmatched accuracy and barrel longevity. The product improvements made by PWS have addressed reliability and performance issues as well as reduced carrier tilt, cam pin wear and carrier bounce. In addition, we have one of the lightest systems on the market today!
An innovative hand guard system utilizes a proprietary non-free float system that allows the end user or unit armorer to replace individual rails as needed without removing the barrel, barrel nut or even other rails. This system allows the user to attach numerous Picatinny rail-mounted devices such as sights, lights, and laser aiming devices.
The PWS proprietary operating system utilizes an operating rod that is attached to the carrier and a floating head piston that is attached to the operating rod. The MK1 series is built to be a true combat carbine. With no unnecessary gas adjustments and only one moving assembly, this is the most rugged, simple and versatile piston operating system available.
The MK214 features a pinned FSC30 muzzle device that brings the overall length to 16.1" and is thus not considered a short barreled rifle.


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