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NEMO Omen Match Rifle (AR10+) 300 Win Mag, Original Model

NEMO Omen Match Rifle (AR10+) 300 Win Mag, Original Model

NEMO Omen Match Rifle (AR10+) 300 Win Mag, Original Model

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The NEW OMEN 2.0 is here- search for: NEMO to see the newest models. This model is the original and is not longer avaiable.


New Evolution Military Ordnance

OMEN // MATCH AR10, .300 Win Mag, Tiger Stripe, NiB Bolt Carrier Coating, Geissele Trigger, 2 14 Round Mags, Drag Bag

300 Winchester Magnum? That is not a typo. This really is the world famous 300 Win Mag rifle-- built on the AR10/AR15 platform.

The OMEN represents a paradigm shift from traditional bolt-action towards precision-ARs. Shoot one for yourself and experience first-hand an advanced evolution in military-grade ARs.

Made from lightweight aerospace-precision-machined aluminum, the Omen Match is a reliable and accurate long range AR.  Experience first-hand an advanced evolution in military-grade ARs. Proudly made in Montana, USA. 

Omen Spec Ops Tiger 300 Win Mag AR Nemo:

Mako Sniper Stock (Less really is more! We love the clear and open area behind the grip.)

7075 Aluminum Billet Matched Receiver Set

Free Float Customizable Handguard With Removable Rail System

Premium Match Grade Barrel With NEMO PC Tornado Flash Hider

Tru-Spec Drag Bag(Bag Color Varies)

A Montana firearms company that specializes in military weaponry has rolled out one of its first products, an assault rifle called the “OMEN.”

NEMO Arms Inc. announced Tuesday that it has completed research and development on the magnum assault rifle that will debut April 12 2013 at the annual National Rifle Association meeting.

The rifle was developed as an “advanced weapons solution” for military special operations and federal law enforcement.

NEMO Arms was co-founded by retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely, Clint Walker and Kirk Leopold in a partnership with Sonju Industrial.

“Our contacts in the special operations community told us that they have been looking for a lightweight, heavy-caliber, semiautomatic rifle that cures the delta between 800 and 1,200 meters,” Vallely said in a press release. “Our R&D team, which is made up of ex-spec ops and engineers, went to work immediately and the result is the OMEN.”

The OMEN is chambered in a .300 Win Mag caliber and has been successfully tested in other calibers, including .30-.06, .270 Win, .338 Win and short-mag configurations.

While based on the assault rifle operating system, the OMEN has a patent-pending feature, as well as a proprietary optic system co-developed by Huskemaw Long range optics of Cody, Wyo.

“We have been searching for a more intuitive solution in long-range optics that would allow the user to make calculations quickly and take the shot confidently,” said Steve Luckey, NEMO’s vice president of research and development. “We have no doubt that our military partners will find this system to be easier to use and more effective.”

This Item Is No Longer Available.
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