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NAA 22S NAA 22 Short Mini-Revolver 1.12" 5rd Rosewood Grip SS

NAA 22S NAA 22 Short Mini-Revolver 1.12" 5rd Rosewood Grip SS

NAA 22S NAA 22 Short Mini-Revolver 1.12" 5rd Rosewood Grip SS

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"A .22 in the pocket trumps two .45's at home", June 09, 2012
Given: In handguns, the bigger the better if you're in a gunfight; anything from a .38 to a .44 magnum. That said, there are times when you can't or prefer not to pack a big gun, but want something to throw into your pocket that has startle power or can actually throw led into the face of an unexpected assailant. The little NAA .22 short revolver is just the ticket. It's stainless so it requires little or no maintenance over the years. It's no more bulky than a set of car keys. It's extremely well made and reliable and as safe as it's possible to get, with a carry notch between cylinders. All NAA arms are precision made like a cross between jewelry and a watch. They are also sturdy as a Mack Truck. A pretty good total package with all the required elements for a serviceable special-purpose tool, and that's all any gun is. I've owned several NAA revolvers over the years and have found all of them to be of extremely high quality, precision made, and well designed to serve their intended purpose. Two consecutive numbered .22 shorts were stolen in a home burglery in California. And, oh yes, they shoot well and are even accurate (if that's the right word for a mini-gun) up to about seven yards. I consider them more than just "niche guns." When I want some peace-of-mind and a little insurance while traveling in a big city I throw a NAA .22 magnum snubby in my pocket and go about my business. Hope I never have to use it. Five solid stars for all the NAA revolvers.
By Al from Brady, Texas
After all, it is a .22 short, September 05, 2011
Lets be honest, it is a .22 short MINI revolver, (as in my .357 magnum just gave birth mini) its practicality is pretty limited... but if you are reading this, you should have already come to grips with this fact and are still interested. So for what this gun can do, it does it very well. I got it more for a novelty piece than real protection, but it is nice to have a small noise maker to throw in my pocket if I am dressing light or going for a run. May not be intimidating, but it is still a gun and can still kill (or at least hurt like hell)
By Danger Close Clint from New Mexico
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