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NAA 380 Guardian 380 ACP 2.5" 6+1 Black Rubber Grip SS

NAA 380 Guardian 380 ACP 2.5" 6+1 Black Rubber Grip SS

NAA 380 Guardian 380 ACP 2.5" 6+1 Black Rubber Grip SS

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Reviewed by 5 customer  
NO PROBLEMS, April 11, 2014
Good shooter but heavy in the pocket, October 26, 2013
I've had my Guardian .380 for a few years and have had excellent experience with it shooting everything from my light reloads to Magtech +P. I have had it ftf/fte but it has been few and far between and not specific to any certain brand of ammo; I think it is when I get lazy and limp wrist it. It seems to happen less the longer I've had it, but really, it is so rare I can't remember absolutely. It is a little heavy for pocket carry but not uncomfortably so. It does fit an Uncle Mikes #10 holster, but it is tight and seems to hang on the sights when withdrawing, but I am planning to send it to the factory for the Custom Carry conversion which removes the sights and softens up all the sharp edges. This should make it a little easier to get out of the pocket as well. The stainless steel construction is beautiful and quality of the build is top notch. I feel completely confident that I can rely on my Guardian to work when I really need it with quality defensive rounds or regular fmj. I think anyone buying one can be confident of getting an excellent shooter and if you've bought one; congratulations. I was just able to buy another Guardian, a 2009 model, from a friend that has never been fired (except the factory round). I don't think it will live such a pampered life with me; I really like to shoot the Guardian and do so at least several times a month. It is a tiny gun and with a healthy kick, so usually 20-30 rounds at play time is plenty. It is easy to hit a paper plate at 15-20 feet by just pointing (after a little muscle memory training) without using the sights. I consider them superfluous for this guns intended use. I would have given the gun five stars were it not for the sharp edges on the sights. I would recommend this gun to anyone for concealed carry in a holster or purse; in the pocket the lighter polymer guns might be more comfortable for some, but I like the feel of that weight in my pocket knowing it's ready to go in an instant if necessary. As a point of interest; I shot holes through a light steel dinner plate with my S&W .357 and my Guardian .380 and guess what? The holes were the same size. :-)
By Theodore from Utah
save your money and buy something else, January 13, 2013
Yes, I carry this gun every day, but that's only because I haven't found the gun I want to replace it with yet, maybe a walther ppk or a Smith and Wesson M and P shield. there are 2 main problems with this gun: 1, it feels like you taped a firecracker to the end of your trigger finger every time you shoot it, and most importantly, this thing jams about every other shot. I was so fed up with the jams (keep in mind that .380 ammo is expensive, as is this gun, I paid almost $500 for it, as will you after paying the FFL dealer to receive it for you) that I was ready to sell it to some other poor sucker but I wrote to NAA and asked them what was the best ammo for it . they said they only use winchester Silvertip ammo in it, which of course is only available by mail order, so I ordered it, and I must admit that it only jammed once shooting about 44 rounds of the winchester. I will buy another box of the winchester, and if it can get thru 50 rds without jamming, then I'll keep it. if not, I'm selling it so you can buy mine. the first reviewer must work for the manufacturer.
By y chromo RN from Miami, FL
All-around excellent handgun for concealed carry, December 18, 2010
My gun has had about 150 rounds through it with no problem. Conventional wisdom is to put at least 100-200 rounds through a new gun to break it in, but I'm already carrying mine daily with two spare mags. For me, this gun is one of the best .380's on the market because it meets my specific needs. It comes with the added weight of a stainless frame, which is beneficial for controlling recoil and can aid in converting the gun into an emergency impact tool. Build quality is very good - it's a beautiful gun in design and fit and finish. Not as pretty as a Seecamp, but it's half the price, easier to find, and has superior features. I found it to be relatively pleasant to shoot and surprisingly accurate for its size. Trigger pull is intentionally heavy but smooth. I highly recommend the pinky grip extension on the magazines, as they make a tremendous difference when getting a proper grip and also drawing the gun. There are plenty of accessories and effective ammo choices for the Guardian, so if you are reading this review, surely you can find the Guardian that is right for you.
By Dan from Glen Allen, VA
NAA Guardian 380ACP, November 15, 2010
I have had the Guardian 380acp for a few months now and haven't had a chance to shoot it yet, so I went this last weekend at the range to try it out. I also wanted to see how accurate the laser grips were. After about 10 shots I was hitting about a 2" pattern consistently at about 10 yards. Right where the laser was targeting. Since the gun is very small it hurt your trigger finger every time it fired. Since I haven't tried any other brand I can't tell you if it is better or worse than another compact 380. I love the gun though, and was very impressed with the accuracy. The gun is made from 17-4 stainless, so it is going to last allot of years.
By Nuclear from Utah
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