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NAA 22 Mag Mini 22 Mag 1.62" 5rd Rosewood Grip Stainless

NAA 22 Mag Mini 22 Mag 1.62" 5rd Rosewood Grip Stainless

NAA 22 Mag Mini 22 Mag 1.62" 5rd Rosewood Grip Stainless

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Reviewed by 6 customer  
Great gun if your in a jam, June 12, 2015
Not sure why people say this little pistol is not accurate. For its size it is as accurate as you need to be and packs a punch. I bought mine years ago on the recommendation of my CHL instructor who carried one. In class he made a very good point which I will share here. If you are pulling this for defense, the threat is very close and you have limited time. In that situation five shots in the eye is as good as a .44 mag because the bad guy is dead,period.
By Freewheelin from Denton Texas
Small yet forceful and extremely loud, March 18, 2013
I rate this gun at a 5. The reason why is the fact that its so easy to conceal and it packs a punch. I carry this more than any other gun for I'm a working man who likes to carry on the job. It stays well hidden so my coworkers don't catch wind of it and report me. Realistically if someone came in with pretty much any gun I'd be screwed because of the guns limited range. Yet I still feel safer with this midget cricket at my side. The report from this gun is loud enough to bring fear in to the hearts of rapists thieves and murders alike. Even though you wouldn't want to point it and yell freeze because they'd probably laugh at you.
By Richard from West Haven, Utah
NAA rubber mag grip on 22 mag, February 03, 2013
Have had the 22mag for years, just love it. Put a NAA rubber mag grip on gun, way easier to handle, aim and pull hammer back, makes it feel like a real gun. you need to get one you will thank me
By bubba from belmont ohio
Perfect gun, January 14, 2013
In reference to the review that complained about the inability to quickly reload... Buy a gun that has a clip. Like your glock 19 as another BUG. If you go thru the Glocks clip and 5 rounds of 22 mag. the fight was lost long ago! This is a PERFECT gun for what it is and does.
By Gobbletn from Tennessee
Easy To Conceal Back-Up Gun, September 15, 2012
I agree with Rob's Review. I use this as a BUG to my Glock 19. There is absolutely NO way that you could reload this quickly! If you are not on target with the 5 rounds, you are in trouble!
By Pat from Florida
Derringer with five shots 22 mag., December 26, 2011
I've had one of these for many years. It's the most concealable gun you can get. 22 magnum also kicks up a storm for its size. I would say it's a heck of a lot better than nothing, but you had better be no farther than across the poker table as it's wildly inaccurate at more than ten FEET. You have to pull the hammer back for each shot so it's fairly slow to get all five rounds out there. And forget reloading, it takes ten to twenty seconds, and that's without adrenalin shakes.
By Rob from Bay area, Calif.
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