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Mossberg Tactical .22 Rifle, 18", Quad Picatinny Rail, Fixed Stock, 10 Round Mag

Mossberg Tactical .22 Rifle, 18", Quad Picatinny Rail, Fixed Stock, 10 Round Mag

Mossberg Tactical .22 Rifle, 18", Quad Picatinny Rail, Fixed Stock, 10 Round Mag

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ITEM #: 884110372000
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Reviewed by 6 customer  
mossburg 715t, October 21, 2013
jamming all the time use diffent ammo and the only ammo that I had no jamming produlms was Remington trunderbolts they really worked great in the clips
By rocker2112 from s.c.
Above Expectations for the Value, March 15, 2013
I am an experienced shooter, however I am no expert. Like my father who purchased the 12-gauge shotgun that I wanted for me when I was 13, I purchased this rifle, the rifle that my 13 year-old son wanted, for him. I talked with him and showed him several options we narrowed it down to three guns. I then researched and reviewed the three guns of interest. After reading and exploring the options we decided to go with this model and the 10 rd. mag, we also purchased extra 25 rd. mags. I ordered the rifle and took delivery in an extremely short amount of time. Upon receiving the rifle I inspected it and found it to be very clean, I disassembled it to insure there was nothing of concern. I reassembled it and we took it to the range. We have fired it 400 times without any issues. I did not change the adjustable sight until after the first ten rounds where fired. At 50 yards the sight was to the left and slightly lower. I adjusted the sight and the next 390 shots were dead on... at various distances. The rifle came with the 10 rd mag and there are no concerns with this mag. it functions perfectly. As a side note, I read reviews and viewed videos regarding the issues with the 25 rd. mags, just do what others suggest and you will have no issues with the 25 rd. mags either. Overall this is a great .22 caliber rifle. I am proud to say that this is my son's first gun that I bought for him. I can see where this rifle would fall short of some people's expectations. It is not an AR-15 .223 (or any other medium caliber); it is a great .22 caliber rifle for anyone who completely understands what they are buying.
By Big D from Tampa, Fl
jamming, December 31, 2012
i have a problem with it jamming up. every clip i feed through it jams at least twice. i have stripped this thing down several times and cleaned every part in it and still jams.gun shoots great and i like it but just dont like the jamming.>>>>REPLY: Contact your seller. These normally work fine, you need to have it checked out and fixed.
By galleywinter from kentucky
I received my gun and was surprised to see how plastic the entire rifle is. Next I went online to watch a cleaning video on this rifle. Before using it I decided to sell it to a friend. It looks cool probably fires fine but the take down is way way too much work. I have 7 other guns and rifles and never sold a gun before based on cleaning requirements. I highly suggest you watch a video first before deciding to purchase one. I thought this rifle would be similar to my AR-15. I was wrong.
By gary from Las Vegas
Good for the money, May 31, 2012
As a plinker on the cheap this will work... **** IF YOU TUNE IT UP **** JUST KNOW YOU CANT SHOOT THEM OUT OF THE BOX AS THE MANUFACTURE CLEARLY STATES Feed and jambs issues are the complaint across the net, everyone testing differnet ammo to get the gun reliable...but, It's the "25 round Magazines" that are the problem and causing feed and jambs....just return it If you have feed trouble, also an indicator is if you have trouble loading more than 11 or 12 rounds in the mag...just return it for exchange. The gun comes from the factory with heavy sticky oil that causes ejection problems and it MUST BE CLEANED FIRST...(this I suspect is the cause of 50% of the ejection complaints on the net.. new owners didnt read the instruction manuals that states "Clean GUN Before Firing" ), I agree that its a pain to clean, but I found that "GUNK" brand carberator cleaner in a spray can will clean the gun sufficiently followed by a shot of wd40 and WILL "NOT" AFFECT THE FINISH OF THE PAINT OR POLYMERE...and then you will only need a complete "TakeDown" Clean every 500-1000 rounds that being said its a tack driver at 75 yds and I can dance milk jugs at 150yds, its a cheap way to plink with the tacticool style <edited for length>
By HackNtheBox from Pacific N West
Your Young Ones Will Love It, May 26, 2012
I'm by no means an expert on firearms... I can count the different firearms I've pointed at a target on my fingers and toes. When I saw this rifle, I went for the cheeseball "it looks cool" approach to purchasing my first "AR". After 30 days, 4 boxes of 550rd Federal .22, 20 afternoons cleaning and 2 trips to the local gunshop for accessories. I have determined that I really like this rifle and so do my kids. I gave it a 4 because of the following: 1) When you cradle the barrel, be aware that 1 or more pieces of hot brass will land in your hand every other clip or so and all the others fly wildly out of the side of it. When spectating definately watch for falling brass. 2) The adjustable sight that it comes with... don't bother with it. Just get you a small Tasco and mount it to the top. It's really difficult to aim this with the original sight if you go to an average lit indoor range. 3) I've become an expert at taking this thing apart to clean it... But that's just it, I maybe too used to my 9mm, but cleaning this thing can be a real chore. I'm completely satisfied with this rifle and will buy another one for my son to clean when we go to the range. On a more comical note... As a grown man, fellow shooters have shot me snickers at the sound of .22Lr coming out of this weapon... But that's quickly silenced after firing off the 37mm "party popper" attached to the bottom of the barrel. All in good fun though.
By Unprepared Prepper from Oklahoma
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