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Mossberg Just In Case 500 Shotgun Package, Blue, Green Tube

Mossberg Just In Case 500 Shotgun Package, Blue, Green Tube

Mossberg Just In Case 500 Shotgun Package, Blue, Green Tube

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Reviewed by 11 customer  
Meh!, December 02, 2015
for a survival gun, this needs a saddle ring on the receiver block so it can be hung off a webbing sling around the neck. You will need both hands at times, more often than you think - and you definitely wont want to put your shottie down on the ground. Sling is not optional, and the combat sling that hangs the weapon down your front is ideal. Secondly, this magazine capacity is too small ... Mossies can carry 8 + 1 (my tow do) by using a full length magazine tube. 4 + 1 is a bit light, IMO.
By Frosty from Sydney, Australia
great gun good price, May 17, 2015
Love the gun but tube is just a gimmick suggest getting a food saver (not just for food btw) and some pvc pipe with caps and glue you can then make your own custom kit as big or small as you want ie small last ditch pistol with survival supplies or big ass gun cache with a couple assault rigles shotguns etc with extra ammo and mags
By psychobilly from them thar hills
I need a 20 ga., February 12, 2014
The pistol grip is best for home defense but my right shoulder cuff is torn so a stock is out of the question. Can I get the tube separately and put a 20 ga. in it?
By E. Brent Price from Lake Wales FL
Great Shotgun, May 12, 2013
I just got this shot gun. Took it out to the shooting range to test it out. Its got a good kick but it felt the same with all the diffrent types of shells. Personally i liked the hollow tip slugs. The only recommendation i could make is the postal grip other than that its a great shotgun to carry around or for house protection .
By Alex " undertaker" from Maricopa , Az
Great gun, January 23, 2013
Awesome shot gun smoked a few doves last week.
By Doggy style from Tha Hood
Nice Zombie killer, September 11, 2012
I bought this for the farm to use on snakes origanaly but carry this thing where ever i go now. I did find that federal paper shell kick the least but i even shot a quite a few military grade buckshot out of it and the kick is fine, but then again I'm a man.
By wes from texas
Sling it out, December 01, 2011
Maybe if u guys put a sling on it. Or maybe like a sterling type stock on it. Hey just suggestions
By RugerMan256 from Alabama
How To Lessen 12 Gauge Kick!, April 26, 2011
People Have Been Using Watertight Tubes (Military Surplus) For Many Years, I"m Not Knocking Their Shotgun Have Heard Nothing But Good About It, But As I Said Above' "The Idea Is Not New" As For The Kick Of The 12 Gauge, I Have A Few Suggestions,#1 Is You Can Buy Less Powerful Shells IE: Low Brass, Another Idea Is Let Mossberg Know That More Dimunitive People Can't Handle The Recoil And Suggest They Make Them In 20 Gaugh As Well As 410 And Then Watch The Sales Go Thru The Roof As They Will Have Opened Their Market To Many More, And Last But Not Least Is An Easy Sollution To Those That Already Have One Of These Mossberge JIC Packages And That Is Buy A Box Of Aguila Brand 2 Inch Shells, They Function In A Few Pump Shotguns That I Have Tried But "To Be Sure" That You Can Count On The 2 Inch Shell Working Flawlessly As Your Life May Depend On It (You Should Have A Pro. Gunsmith Adjust The Feeding Mechanism)It Is Only A Minor Job As The Few I Tried These 2 Inch In Worked Fairly Well! P.S. Unless Your Are Hunting Ducks Or Geese You Do Not Need A 12 Gauge, Even Law Enforcement Could Use 20 And Even The 410 Which Would Be Safer, However People Still Buy 10 Gauge With 3 Inch Chambers, Some People Think Bigger Is Better, But To Me Why Use A 10 Pound Sledge Hammer When A 3 Pound Hammer Will Do?
By Big Al from Atlanta
Perfect Trunk Kit, December 13, 2010
I just purchased this kit for my car. In the state I live in, we are allowed to carry shotguns in the trunk so as long as the ammo is not within reach. I carry the ammo in the center console. I hike a lot in the back woods and come across all kinds of animals and not so nice folk. This kit is perfect for handling any situations I come across.
By Jason from Bella Vista, AR
Great for disaster aftermath, November 22, 2010
After Hurricane Katrina, I learned really quick how important it was to have an emergency kit stowed somewhere the looters wouldn't think to look. I purchased this to bury in the yard for safe keeping in case of another major disaster. I tested it out first by buring just the tube with a few non-essential items for 3 months and I have to say I was impressed. Everything inside stayed just as it was when I buried them. That's saying alot since the humidity seems to penetrate everything here on the gulf coast. The shotgun goes without saying, its a Mossberg so we already know it's a quality firearm. Yes, it's a little harsh on the wrist without a stock but hey, it's better then being caught without one. I will most likely be purchasing another one of these.
By John from Gulf coast, MS
Mossberg "JIC" 500 12gauge shotgun, November 15, 2010
I bought this package because I had been wanting a compact 12 gauge for camping and home protection. I found that I dislike firing this gun with the pistol grip(hurts after a few) so I added a folding stock to it. The only problem now is that with this set up I cannot fit the thing into the tube. The folding stock and different angle of the new grip won't let it get all the way in. So i gues I need to find another option or change the grip/stock if i need to use the tube. Other than that, the shotgun is great. I have blasted many rounds of birdshot thru it and several slugs and buckshots. Lets just hope I never have to use it as it was intended. I got a great deal on this gun, if you shop around you will may find a deal as well.
By richie from california
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