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Mossberg 'Chainsaw' 500 12g Shotgun, 18" W/Pistol Grip

Mossberg 'Chainsaw' 500 12g Shotgun, 18" W/Pistol Grip


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Reviewed by 5 customer  
Awesome special-purpose gun, November 22, 2012
I had to suffer through some pretty severe surgery on my left wrist that even a year later made it painful for me to properly aim pretty much any long arm with a normal forend grip. When I went looking to purchase a new shotgun, I was leaning towards getting a pistol foregrip so I didn't have to uncomfortable bend my wrist when bringing it to bear. A friend turned me onto this puppy and, after taking hers out to the range for a practice run, I was sold. The chainsaw grip makes it easy to absorb the recoil when aiming from the hip, and, given my size, I can still aim it pretty accurately from the shoulder if need be. The special handle also makes it easy to shoot around corners, if the need ever presents itself. For home defense or CQB, I really think this is a great investment. Sure, you'll never get the accuracy that bracing against a stock will deliver, but up close and personal, pinpoint shooting isn't really a concern and that's where this beauty really shines.
By CadeStyle from Texas City, Texas
Mossberg Chainsaw Rocks!!!!, November 11, 2012
Excellent, thought it might be impractical but after purchasing and putting over 600 rds through it i love it. I also have a 590a1 that i love but for in close quarters like home defense this is awesome and almost no recoil with the chainsaw handle and great moving around in close quarters unlike my 590a1. They both are great in their own ways but home defense this is the beast!!!!! Dont bash it till you try it. Way to go Mossberg
By Bigdog44 from Indiana
loads of fun, August 24, 2012
The Ups: I purchased this as a fun gun and found it to be much more. By attaching a focus-able (and very bright) light to the rail, which was then set to the max spread of a #4buck at the furthest range inside my home, I have a GREAT home defense gun. What ever is in the light beam is in the shot spread and that makes it fast and easy to engage a target from the hip. The Downs: My wife learned that the top grip makes this jewel very easy for her to handle, including the recoil. She is 110# and has no problem with the recoil because of the top grip and how it transfers the flip and kick allowing much more control over a standard pistol grip non stocked shotgun. She shoots #4 buck all day with out concern. ERGO- she has taken this as her own. Anyone that tells you that you cant hit a target with a shotgun, that is not held to your cheak and fired with sights, has not tried this setup inside a limited area like a home. We ran this through the shoot house and found that against a standard shotgun held off the shoulder- time on target was faster. Remember that this is a specialty gun and not meant to shoot clays. Its for breaching and home defense tactics and in that it works very well.
By gunner from Ok
Excellent weapon, March 16, 2012
Compact, lightweight, excellent defensive shotgun. Leave the chamber empty so God forbid someone comes into your house what they hear is that classic and very loud CHA-CHICK sound of a shotgun. You won't do any skeet shooting with this gun but once you get use to it believe me, you can get very good placement with whatever type of shot you want to put into the weapon. The two accessory rails, one on each side, will allow you to put two lights or a light and a laser to make it look even more frightening to anyone on the business end of this gun.
By chainsaw from Indiana
Mossberg Chainsaw Shotgun, February 08, 2012
I have the chainsaw shotgun.I like how it shoots.I put a laser/light on it makes more accurate.I think ever home owner should have one for home invasion use.
By bill c from michigan
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