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Mossberg 590 Pump 12 Gauge 20" HB 3" GRS 8+1 Black Syn Stock Black

Mossberg 590 Pump 12 Gauge 20" HB 3" GRS 8+1 Black Syn Stock Black

Mossberg 590 Pump 12 Gauge 20" HB 3" GRS 8+1 Black Syn Stock Black

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Reviewed by 4 customer  
100% reliable, July 17, 2012
My 590A1 is 100% reliable...handles 3 inch shells, has high shell capacity, and is easy to handle...if you are looking for an excellent tactical shotgun for home defense or dynamic entry this is the one to get...much better than my 870 Remington in almost every specification...
By Hans from NC
Ample Firepower, January 21, 2011
The Mossberg 590 SP is an excellent self-defense shotgun. The 9 shot capacity provides ample firepower if needed. The metal trigger guard is large enough to allow operator to wear gloves. This weapon fired all day with no malfunctions of any kind...the firepower, reliability, and quality is certainly eye-opening at this price one you won't regret it!
By Hans from North Carolina
What a brilliant Shotgun, December 20, 2010
I can't add much more than the previous reviewer included. I can at least say that I am extremely pleased with this 12g. Being the first shotgun I have added to relatively large collection, I wanted to be sure and choose something I knew fit in and this is everything I had hoped for. I opted for the Ghost Ring sights because I am already comfortable with this sighting system. Many prefer the traditional bead, which is just fine, because Mossberg (as the previous reviewer had mentioned) provides this shotgun in almost any configuration you could imagine. So far the the Mossberg has functioned flawlessly, the controls are intuitive (including for a lefty like myself), and boy its just a slick looking tool. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a high quality 12g from a reputable manufacturer.
By Joseph Carpenter from SW Missouri
Taliban Meets The Mossberg 590A1, November 24, 2010
Mossberg has been making quality firearms since 1919. The family owned business is still dedicated to that quality and strives to stay on top of market demands and trends supplying hunters, shooters, law enforcement and our armed forces with dependable, affordable firearms. The 590A1 Tactical Shotgun is Mossberg's response to the military's need for a reliable battlefield weapon that can standup to the abuse and use the battlefield inflicts and at times demands. Due to popular demand Mossberg has made this battlefield tactical shotgun available to the civilian market in several variations. While the Mossberg 590A1 was obviously based upon military demand it has the same attention to detail and workmanship as its hunting and shooting cousins enjoy in the non-tactical market. Mossberg prides itself in producing a quality weapon at an affordable price that can stand up and compete head to head with any of its major competitors. Having racked more than a few rounds though my Mossberg 500 I was already impressed with the Mossberg brand and the quality of its firearms. I purchased my 590A1 from a local firearms dealer who tried to sell me something he had on the rack rather than place a special order. But I insisted the 590A1 was the shotgun I wanted and would not settle for anything less. I paid what I felt was a fair price for the weapon paying less than the advertised retail value in spite of the special order. I picked it up on a Friday after work with plans to take it out and break it in the next day. When I opened the box it was beautiful. Just its appearance lets you know it is built to take care of business and take whatever abuse it might encounter. It is ruggedly made. Its heavy walled barrel gives it a heavy duty feel but it is also well balanced and can be brought up to the shoulder and on target quickly. The trigger guard and safety on this model continue with the heavy duty theme being constructed of metal and not plastic. All of the Mossberg’s 590A1’s stock options come in black color and synthetic polymer. It comes with parkerized finish that is also heavy duty military spec and can no doubt withstand whatever abuse or environment you may find yourself in. The safety and action release are very easy to reach and operate without the need for any special hand manipulation. For those who desire one it has hardware for attaching shoulder slings or you can easily install aftermarket attachment rings for tactical slings. Being a military version it also has the military spec bayonet lug. At the range I ran a variety of different loads though the gun. The Mossberg’s pump action was reliable and smooth. On each shot the action locked up with the assurance you want to feel in a pump action shotgun. It fed the various types of ammo I had on hand with no problem. Everything from bird shot to slugs loaded and ejected smoothly. The trigger is crisp and predictable on each shot. Being that the 590A1 is based upon the Mossberg 500 platform there are a great many aftermarket options that you can add to the weapon to personalize it to your own tastes. Due to its popularity and use by our soldiers Mossberg is now offering the weapon with several stock options to fit the needs or wants of the buyer. These multiple stock options including standard or pistol grip with adjustable sliding stock allows the buyer to order his 590A1 the way he wants it up front. This is another cost saving measure that Mossberg has developed for its customers. No more buying a plain stock gun and having a spare useless stock when you upgrade to what you really wanted to begin with. The 590A1 sighting options are ghost ring, or bladed bead sights and can be modified to add a picatinny rail or ordered in that configuration for ease of mounting tactical sights. On my 590A1 I chose the 9 round (8+1) capacity version for three gun competition. The 590A1 has proven easy to reload while on the move. Because of this my 590A1 has become my three gun competition favorite. If this has not convinced you that it’s the best tactical shotgun on the market don’t forget you can brag about how our troops overseas use this same weapon everyday to kick butt. The racking of a shell in the 590A1 instills the same fear and respect on the enemy in Iraq and Afghanistan as it does on the bad guys back here in the USA. Way to go Mossberg!
By RiverDawgMan from Little River, SC 29566
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