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Mossberg Tactical AR15, .22 LR, 18", Quad Picatinny Rail, Adj Stock, 25 Round Mag

Mossberg Tactical AR15, .22 LR, 18", Quad Picatinny Rail, Adj Stock, 25 Round Mag

Mossberg Tactical AR15, .22 LR, 18", Quad Picatinny Rail, Adj Stock, 25 Round Mag

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ITEM #: 884110372048
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Reviewed by 12 customer  
Trouble, August 23, 2015
This gun looks like fun and is priced right. Those were my thoughts when I ordered this gun. Think again! Hard to take apart for cleaning. Even harder to get back together. It does get easier after awhile because you have to do it so often. Trouble from the start. I have almost given up. It took 12 days to get a response from Mossberg. That response made it sound like it was going to cost me for shipping and repairs. What happened to customer service. I have decided to get the gun working by taking it to a good gun smith. Failing that, I may just disable it completely and hang it on the wall as a lesson. Don't by Mossberg.
By vstarstar from Michigan
Trouble, August 22, 2015
I bought This 715T because it looked like fun. I always liked my Mossberg guns I had years ago. I thought the people who gave it bad reviews did not know anything about guns. Well I was wrong. I have had nothing but trouble from day one. I picked up the gun and read the owners guide. It came apart ok, but putting back together after cleaning was very difficult. I watched videos and finally got the spring to seat right. I went to the range the next day. I got a miss fire on first round. Second round fired but did not eject. I spent the afternoon with problem after problem. Jams, misfires and every other thing a rifle can do but shoot. It fired with no problem maybe 4 in a row and then another jam. I even tried cleaning it with a brand new snake. Again maybe 3 or 4 in arrow then a jam or misfire. Brought it home cleaned it and checked and cleaned the magazines. The next time I took it to the range it fired quite well at first. May be a whole clip. Next clip started jamming again. On July 31st I sent an email to Mossberg asking help. It took them 12 days to reply. They suggested I send it back at my expense and said they would let me know the cost of repair before they did anything. I thought this should be covered under warranty. In the mean time I had someone polish the ramp. It seemed to solve the problem for awhile, but soon it would not load again. I would not recommend this gun or any Mossberg product to anyone. 12 days to respond to a customer request for help is ridiculous. I am now try to get this gun working by taking it to a gunsmith. I bought this gun for fun. so far it has been a pain in the butt.
By Bruttally Frank from Michigan
know what you are buying, June 07, 2013
I would suggest watching the takedown video before purchasing. I am very happy with the weapon, it is accurate and reliable. Great for new shooter and youth, or anyone who just wants to out alot of rounds down range without killing the wallet. Just know its a plastic shell that houses a stripped down. 22 rifle, nothing special but fun
By jesse smith from Nebraska
.22 Mossberg AR-15, March 01, 2013
This gun is a blast to shoot! Very well built for the price! Oh and please don't give this thing three stars just because its carrying handle is removable! If you are a smart buyer you would be able to notice that before you make the decision to get the gun!
By Joe Shmoe from Shmoeville
class A tac style, December 27, 2012
fine little tac style 22 the only problem i had was with the mag it was sticking and not allowing the full 25 rounds im sure tho with some slight lube and working the spring mechanizm up and down manually it will free itself and work just fine, but other than that sweet!! i now have it tricked out with all the goodies ie.lazer,lighted foregrip tac rail covers,ect easy 4 stars guys!!
By BOOG from Wa.coast
A22tac that's worth every penny, December 09, 2012
This gun is by far one of the best values in tactical 22's on the market. Great looks,features,as well as ease of operation and accuracy make it stand out in a growing crowd of tax 22's. with the look and feel of an AR it is a pleasure to shoot. I would overwhelmingly recommend this gun to anyone looking for an affordable option to the big name brand tac 22's.A++++++++!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Mopar021 from Glen,MS
22lr drum magazines, November 07, 2012
can you fit a 100rd drum clip on a ar15 22cal gun?>>>>>>They don't make a drum for the Mossberg AR15 22 cal. at this time.
By bubba from michigan
carriering handle, September 27, 2012
is the carring handle removeable No it is not
By coren hole from 41267
Good ar 15, September 18, 2012
Better then most ar 15
By Boss from Mn
Mossberg tactical .22, September 15, 2012
Absolute piece of junk. Good luck disassembling it. Need more luck re-assembling it. Spend more and get something worthwhile! Need new parts after 2 times at range!
By Dennis from Denver
Mossberg tactical 22, November 21, 2011
Its a blast to shoot,order extra clips for more fun
By Coltman from Pa
Mossberg tactical 22, November 19, 2011
Alot of fun,just make sure to get a couple extra 25 round mags.and make sure you clean it before you shoot it cause the packing grease will make it jam if you dont,after its clean it will shoot great
By Coltman from Pa
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