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Mosin Nagant M91/30 Round receiver 7.62X54R Very Good condition, With Bayonet, Cleaning Kit, Sling and Tools

Mosin Nagant M91/30 Round receiver 7.62X54R Very Good condition, With Bayonet, Cleaning Kit, Sling and Tools

Mosin Nagant M91/30 Round receiver 7.62X54R Very Good condition, With Bayonet, Cleaning Kit, Sling and Tools

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ITEM #: ATI-M9130
Reviewed by 11 customer  
Hex?, August 07, 2017
Is there a big difference between this receiver and the hex receiver?>>>> Reply: Not really. Hex is more collectible but functionally no difference.
By from
FUN GUN, Nice piece of history., August 14, 2014
I bought one of these about a year ago and for the price they are just a lot of fun. Be prepared for a couple hours of to work with the cosmoline, but for me the disassembly and work with the gun was educational and quite a bit of fun to work with one of these old work horses.. Super fun and cheap to shoot even my girlfriend could handle it..Great gun for doomsday, hunting, kicking around in the truck, or just part of history for you gun cant go wrong for under $200...
By D NELSON from Cedar City UT
Great Starter Gun at a Great Price, January 20, 2013
I pourchased one because I heard about how well and easy to shoot they were. A great weapon, Accuracy is outstanding, and the action was great Very easy to maintain, Only draw back is the recoil. But that was easy to get over. Once sighted and you learn how to shoot it, You may never want to try something else. No wonder they were made for such a long time.
By Grey339 from Tampa Fl
Excellent service, December 05, 2012
First of all, I'd like to say this rifle with all the "goodies" for a price like this, was a rare find. It is, indeed, came to me in excellent condition, very nicely preserved. Secondly, I would like to give kudos to the great customer service of the site. I live in Alaska and wanted the rifle for my birthday. I explained it to the staff. The box was promptly shipped and arrived to Anchorage in THREE days (instead of 5-7 business days as shown on the website). I wish I would remember the name of the staff I was talking to, but my sincere thank you for taking care of my order. I love this rifle!
By Marina from Anchorage, Alaska
Very good starter gun, November 24, 2012
For the price you can't beat it. Was in true excellent condition and I couldn't be happier with it. Great for anyone from collectors to people just starting out with their gun hobby
By Brian from Orlando, FL
Best Gun Ever, September 30, 2012
This is the first gun the I bought, and it is still my favorite. When I purchased it it didn't come with much cosmoline, but a thorough cleaning before shooting solved that issue. I read a lot of reviews with people who said that the recoil was substantial, but that isn't true. The recoil was far less then other rifles of the same caliber, and it shot perfectly. The aim was amazing, and so was the fun from shooting it. I would recommend anyone to buy this gun. For as cheap as it is, this gun is a steal!!! I love my mosin!
By Ender from Kaysville
Great piece of history for a great price!, June 15, 2012
I got my Mosin Nagant a bit over a week ago and needless to say, i was excited. The option to own a piece of history was too good to pass up. i got it and it was in i would say, 80% condition. The bolt slid flawlessly and the rifle part of it looked great. hardly any dirt or cosmoline. the stock has it's finish coming off a little and it had a piece of the stock that was cracked on the bottom. the bayonet did not fit the rifle but i might try to fix that. i refinished the rifle and it looks like new. i was torn between leaving it the way it was and fixing up but i decided to restore it. i used this guy's technique to do it, the following is the parts of the series to restore old rifles like this:
By Aaron from St. Joe, MI
Great Buy, Great Price!!!, June 03, 2012
very good condition with free flowing bolt and extremely nice clean barrel. mine didnt come with a cleaning kit, my dealer may have taken it though. overall very nice gun with fast shipping! i cant wait to put some rounds through it!
By Russiangunlover762 from Topeka, Kansas
Great Buy and excellent condition, May 30, 2012
I can't say anything but awesome. This was my first purchase from Impact Guns. I must say it was a very easy and pleasant transaction. Just picked up my Mosin this afternoon. This rifle is in excellent condition for being 70 years old. The wood is great condition, the bolt is nice and smooth, and all the accessories look great. I had the guys at Impact Guns install the firing pin and trigger springs. Can't wait to go fire off a few. Overall just awesome. Don't pass this up!
By Bert from Miami, FL
Don't pass this up!, May 04, 2012
I picked this great value up, along with 800 rounds of ammo about three weeks ago. I did end up stripping and refinishing the wood, although it was in great condition, just to give it my own personal touch. Fires like a dream, ammo is accurate for its time, only minor issue was having to adjust the bolt for a smoother action. Once you tear into this, it is easy to do, and will provide in depth knowledge of how this classic weapon works! Do not pass up an opportunity to own such an inexpensive and amazing piece of history.
By Token from Idaho
Excellent Condition, April 30, 2012
Just got my Mosin-Nagant 91/30 today. Everything is in surprisingly great condition. Mine is a 1943 model from the Izhevsk factory in the USSR. There's alot of factory markings on the steel itself (which is common for the late war period) but the bolt is nice and free flowing - not sticky at all. I'll have to clean the cosmoline off but its not excessive. The wood is real nice, the bore looks great too. They weren't kidding about "excellent" condition...that's exactly what I got.
By Eric from New Mexico
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