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Mosin Nagant M91/30 Sniper Rifle With Scope And Cleaning Accessories, Surplus, Very Good Condition

Mosin Nagant M91/30 Sniper Rifle With Scope And Cleaning Accessories, Surplus, Very Good Condition

Mosin Nagant M91/30 Sniper Rifle With Scope And Cleaning Accessories, Surplus, Very Good Condition

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Reviewed by 2 customer  
Nice rifle, March 08, 2013
Received my Mosin sniper this afternoon. After a brief unpacking and inspection, I am pleased with what must have been one of the few remaining in stock. I got a 1938 tula stamped round receiver, with all numbers matching. The scope is electro penciled to also match the numbers. This is not an "original" scope, but mfg. in 2009 to the original specs of 1928. It has some minor usage wear/scratches, which adds to the flavor and will help it look "original" The stock is normal for this age rifle, with scratches and dings, but no major defects at all. Has a nice shine to it, no cosmoline found yet. The bolt is not perfect, but after I get it broke down and cleaned and polished, it will improve 100%. The bore is dark as was my other two, but when I work my magic with some JB bore compound and JB bore bright, that will also bring back some shine to this old girl. From my initial look, the optics are excellent, and the leather lens covers are also very good. Came with the advertised cleaning accessories, ammo pouches, sling, and oiler bottle. Also a nice looking bayonet. I am totally pleased with my purchase, and felt Impact did another great job getting this out to my FFL. I read and researched enough to know NOT to expect an original scope at this price. Another site has the same deal with original scopes, but you will pay $60.00 more. When all is cleaned up and mounted, I will try to give another review about the performance. I expect excellent results. These Mosins are like Timex and the dura-cell battery. They take a lick'n and keep on going!! Thanks again Impact for another great transaction. Jim
By Jim from Vail, Az
sniper?, March 02, 2013
Let's start by saying the rifle is in very good condition with strong bore 1938 and all #'s match. That being said the "sniper"part of the rifle is home made don't know if PW Imports did it or if they were made second hand but it was a poor job in the creation of a sniper.I had to file down the scope mount bolts due to the fact they extended into the receiver and caused the bolt to stick there were also metal shavings behind the scope mount from lack of cleanning and a low sidewall..Due to the fact the rifle is a repoduction "2009 scope" I feel the price is a little high and Impact should list them as a repoduction.Happy shooting....
By Mike from Vero Beach FL.
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