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F.A. Cugir Arms M+M M10 AK47, 7.62X39 16.25", Black, 30 Rnd Mag

F.A. Cugir Arms M+M M10 AK47, 7.62X39 16.25", Black, 30 Rnd Mag

F.A. Cugir Arms M+M M10 AK47, 7.62X39 16.25", Black, 30 Rnd Mag

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ITEM #: 794504090109
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Reviewed by 12 customer  
FINALLY IN 2016!!, July 14, 2016
I found this AK47 by M&M 6 months ago after looking for a good 1-2 years and going threw garbage and didn't want to spend 1k+. So I got this! 1k rounds later without cleaning. Not one FTF or FTE. No rust or anything. Its extremely accurate and I used to ONLY own AR's. This has converted me!
By taylor from florida
Awesome, July 11, 2014
put a $90. utg pro rail Vortex strikefire and an archangle stock on mine and love it. Shreds promag mags so buy steel, but hasn't jamed yet & i'v got well over 1000rds, tula and wolf,124gr wolf seems to group better but tula is still pretty good.
Excellent, December 26, 2013
The finish isn't perfect. The sights are a bit off-kilter. But it is a GREAT shooter. Check out the specs: good trigger, barrel, grip, etc. I would put this up against an Arsenal any day of the week.
By Dawg from NH
Great rifle with desired options, November 15, 2013
Just bought mine Nov. 2013, price is up from one year ago. Fit, finish, workmanship is A-1 throughout. Mine came with a fixed Phoenix black stock, sorta small for me. Would I buy again ? Your darn right I would !
By AK nut FL from SW FL
Well worth the price., May 08, 2013
What I like: Accurate. Well built. Does not jam if your using the right ammo. Price. Dislikes: Will mis-feed if you use laquer coated rounds. Came out of the box like it was used and scratched.. Make sure you clean it as it was covered on the inside with like a red clay. I got a dog leg rail dust cover so I could mount a scope and red dot combo. Texas weapon systems makes an awesome one, just use tula ammo which is cheap and your good to go, I would take this as my bug out weapon over my ar-15 any day. Simple easy and proven.
By NavyCorpsman from Camp lejeune, nc
nice for the $$, December 30, 2012
considering i got it new for $569 in Sept 2012 it is really nice. the rifle shoots great, is surprisingly accurate and has been reliable for me. so i guess thats what counts, BUT im not overall as impressed as other people. The Fit and finish on this rifle is terrible. i was very disappointed with that. My century akms out the box makes this this look like a real ugly p.o.s and they are similarly priced. i dura-coated it because i disliked the finish that much and other things on it just look sloppy or not tight. over all it comes down to price on this rifle if its worth it
By Bstan22 from Metro Michigan
Great AK-get one if you can-my AR is scared of it, December 20, 2012
Great AK-Romanian AK price but way higher quality. I got one with the Phoenix industries recoil reducing stock and all the Mods for like 550 bucks-my friend ( a retired colonel who served in Iraq for two tours) bought one last week and was equally impressed. I have passed on shitty WASR 10s for years because I could not get past the build quality-these are well made. Fit and finish is never up to American standards on soviet bloc weapons but that is by design. Russians care that things to bang, not that they are pretty. I am a fan of soviet design and this AK is a great example of an AK with M4 like ergonomics-besides-7.62 just smashes things harder!
By Big Timmy from Kennewick, WA
My M-10 AK47, November 15, 2012
I bought my M-10 on 11/10/12 and took right out of the box and shot 80 rounds and shot gr8...No hang ups at all....I did buy the side mount for it so i could mount my scope in the rear...Gr8 buy....I recommend it>>>>>>>>>>>As overall i would rate it 10 out of 10 for the price...
By Tim from Louisiana
Great WASR full conversion, November 05, 2012
Really like this rifle. Nice upgrades and seems very good quality. Couple upgrages: 1) Tapco 30rd mags work and are nice and tight, but you need to file the lock tab down on them just a little bit to fit. 2) Tapco Intrafuse AR style collapsing stock makes the really short default AK style solid stock much better. It felt WAY too short. 3) There are some really nice quick release side mount L-brackets for rear scope weaver top mounts.
By Jeff from Nampa, ID
ak-47, November 01, 2012
Other than having to wait 2 months to get mine, it was well worth the wait. The gun looks great, was gun range ready and more than delivered when fired. Was pleasantly surprised at the lack of recoil. Fired 250+ rounds with no visible or physical effects the day after. Easy to disassemble for cleaning, very smooth action and very accurate right out of the box. The only flaw I can see is the lack of the front sight adjustment tool (which has to be purchased after market $5.00 approx.) is not included. I would have paid the extra $5.00 to have it included in the package, not that I really needed it. To get a better weapon you'll have to spend $1,200.00 +
By md2020 from 75028
By I LOVE AK's :D! from AK LAND'!!
M10 is nice rifle, July 09, 2012
I just finished a 250 round shooting session with my new M10. I held off for many years to buy an AK47. This one seemed like it was good quality for the cost. It is that way for sure. I beat my guns up pretty bad- in other words I like to shoot them- not just look at them. this is one fine and reliable rifle. Not one misfeed or issue. Good and would recommend to friend.
By Paul from WY
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