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MD Arms MD-20 Saiga 20 Round Drum, 12 g, W/3 Covers

MD Arms MD-20 Saiga 20 Round Drum, 12 g, W/3 Covers

MD Arms MD-20 Saiga 20 Round Drum, 12 g, W/3 Covers

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ITEM #: 859578003018

MD Arms

MD-20 Drum with Clear, Smoke & Black Cover

Unequaled reliability and durability!

Less friction from moving parts and feedlips!

At 2 lbs, the MD-20 is close to 6 ounces lighter than the imitator. And even though our drum is much lighter it is still stronger because it's weight was added for strength while the imitator's weight was added for low cost, ease of manufacturing.

Design Simplicity, 3 moving & 15 total parts!

Easier to load the MD-20 from the top than it is to use the imitator's load assist.

Locks into gun tight with virtually no movement!

The MD-20's rear cover is recessed in the drum body protecting it's locking points and better reinforcing both cover and body.

Our smoke cover is usable in much lower light conditions than the imitator.

The MD-20 is the best because it was built because we personally wanted it for ourselves, not just to have another item to sale to the masses...

The MD-20, Saiga-12 drum mag is made of only the best materials available. It loads 2 3/4inch shells and has a simple design with very few moving parts for the utmost in reliability, durability, and ease of maintenance. Our drum is made entirely in the USA! The MD-20 can be stored loaded!

Three rear cover styles includes. Use the cover style you like best!!!

Please note: Some Saiga-12's will require fitting of the mag due to inconsistent factory tolerance of the gun. If your mag doesn't lock into your gun please carefully read your MD-20 User's Guide provided with every mag. This is super simple to do. Just read and understand BEFORE you fit. Not all Saiga-12's will require you to fit the mag.


This Item Is No Longer Available.
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