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MD Arms Saiga 12 V-Plug 5 Postiion

MD Arms Saiga 12 V-Plug 5 Postiion

MD Arms Saiga 12 V-Plug 5 Postiion

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A must have for all Saiga 12 shotguns. Work's with and is beneficial to all barrel length's, from the 24" monster all the way down to a rip roaring 8" short barrelled beast.


The MD Arms V-Plug plug installs in minutes. Simply unscrew the factory plug and replace it with the V-Plug. You now have five gas setting's!!! Three more than the stock two settings. The two setting factory Saiga 12 plug's are not sufficient for the differant variations of 12ga ammunition. The additional three setting's assist in preventing accelerated wear and damage to the Saiga 12 and it's operating system:

At it's best the factory two position plug with it's limited two settings will leave your Saiga 12 over gassed with some makes of ammo. In some cases the factory plug allow's low powered ammo to function on the high powered setting. That means you have a one setting Saiga 12 that is over gassed with everything but low powered brass. This is caused by the random start of the threading on the factory plug and in the gas block:

When set to low, the V-Plug better utilizes the gasses from low power & lighter recoil ammunition. This is done by increasing the gasses and cycling power of the gun. The additional four settings are for use with medium to high powered loads. Unlike the factory plug's, the V-Plug allows the user to quickly and easily adjust the gas system without the use of any tools. However should the V-Plug become to hot, or to tight from dirty threads to adjust by hand it is grooved over-sized tool slots that will easily except a variety of different pry tools.

Why is the threading on my V-Plug random? Because the factory threads in the gas block are also random and it is impossible to make the plug stop at the same point on every gun. On a factory and other aftermarket plugs it is possible to ose settings. In some cases these plugs have to be backed out so far to reach their settings. Some of the setting's will then be split in half, not allowing them to be used in a graduating scale, making your setting spectrum confusing. The MD Arms V-Plug has two complete setting spectrums that are opposite of each other. This ensures the V-plugs settings can be used in a graduating scale on every gun. This also helps to prevent the loss of settings from having to back it out to far. The MD Arms V-Plug is the only plug available to offer's this consistency everytim.

Unlike the factory or other after market plugs the V-Plug also has a shallow pocket on it's face. This pocket allows for much more plastic fouling to accumulate without interferance to the piston or ports. This pocket also helps plastic fouling better burn up increasing it's surface area to the hot gasses and reduces plastic fouling in the threads by better directing it away from them.

The V-Plug is hands down the best Saiga 12 plug available today!

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