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Master Piece Arms 380S Protector Subcompact DAO Semi-Auto Pistol, Stainless

Master Piece Arms 380S Protector Subcompact DAO Semi-Auto Pistol, Stainless

Master Piece Arms 380S Protector Subcompact DAO Semi-Auto Pistol, Stainless

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MasterPiece Arms Protector Series

Protector series manufacturing


  • Double Action Only
  • 32 ACP or 380 ACP
  • Upper Slide Machined from a Solid Billet (Block) of 4140 Heat Treated Steel or a Solid Billet (Block) of 416 Stainless Steel - Not produced from a casting
  • Lower Receiver Machined from a Solid Billet (Block) of 4140 Heat Treated Steel
  • Blowback Design, Fixed Barrel, Advanced Ergonomic Grip Design for Better Control and Shooting Confidence
  • Lightweight Design (10.9 & 11.3 Oz Weight
  • Laser Engraved Slide


Protector series manufacturing

All components are produced and assembled in the USA – the majority of which is done at our facility just outside of Atlanta, GA. The following parts are produced from Solid Steel Blocks or Round Bar Steel Stock using CNC Equipment in our facility:

  • Upper Slide
  • Lower Receiver
  • Hammer
  • Trigger
  • Firing Pin
  • Firing Pin Retainer
  • Strut Seat
  • Trigger Pin
  • Magazine Catch
  • Upper Slide Catch

Protector series manufacturing

We use absolutely no castings, MIM (Metal Injection Molding) or forgings on any component that goes into a MasterPiece Arms Protector Series Pistol. Castings, MIM’s and Forgings are used by many firearms manufacturers to reduce cost and to ease the manufacturing process – which both come with a price. Cast, MIM and/or Forged parts are not as strong; typically have porosity and inclusions in the metal, and are much more prone to failure than parts produced from a high tensile strength alloy such as 4140 or 416 Stainless Steel. The fit, form and function of a forged, MIM or cast part is always a compromise, because the tolerance capability of these alternate processes is no comparison to producing parts from solid steel using high tech, super accurate, CNC Lathes, CNC Machining Centers, CNC Swiss Turns and CNC Grinders. Also, the feel and performance of a fully machined firearm using state of the art CNC technology cannot be compromised.

Why build this series of firearms?

Protector series manufacturing

Yes, why should MasterPiece Arms dive into the crowded 380 ACP market with its introduction of the Protector Series Sub Compact Pistols?

The answer lies in the history of MasterPiece Arms and a strong company philosophy to excel in market niches where our capabilities can fill the absence of a strong participant be it in terms of quality, pricing or in this case, both.

MasterPiece Arms changed ownership in August of 2008. Since then, we have grown the company considerably, added seven new models to our MPA Mac Line of Semi-Auto Submachine Pistols and Carbines, and enhanced our manufacturing capabilities to produce almost all of the parts used in our product line within our own facility. We have over 32 CNC machines in our facility, as well as CNC Inspection Equipment (DCC Coordinate Measuring Machines), CNC Swiss Turns, CNC Yag Laser Engravers, Parkerizing and Black Oxide metal treatment processes, heat treating (gas and electric) plus millions of dollars in specialized cutting tools, gages, fixtures, and support equipment.

Protector series manufacturing

Prior to 2008 and the acquisition of MasterPiece Arms, the manufacturing facility was (and still is) one of the few World Class Machining Facilities in the Southeastern United States. Our quality system, which frames the method in which we manage our manufacturing facility and produce our components, is one of the most stringent and demanding systems used in metalworking today. Our company is TS16949/ISO9002 Certified, which represents less that 1% of the manufacturing facilities in the USA.

So how does all of this steer MPA into this new firearms market segment?

The answer lies in several things; a hole in the market, an older yet improved design, and our manufacturing expertise derived from years of high precision manufacturing of high precision aerospace, automotive and medical parts as well as for firearms for MPA and others.

Protector series manufacturing

In the subcompact 380 ACP market there are quite a few options available in the polymer frame or what some call “throw away” designed firearms. These receivers are mass produced by injection molding machines, have cast or sometimes machined upper slides, and not to sound overly simplistic, have the workmanship of an expensive toy. These guns are functional, lightweight and quite reliable, but just don’t have the feel and no-fail reliability of a firearm that comes from fully machined, precision, solid steel stock.

Your next group is the super high priced ($795 - $1195) all metal 380’s. There are 2 or 3 main players in this market segment with very good reputations. The majority of their parts are machined, hand fitted and have the feel, finish and overall impression of a finely crafted firearm. These guns are not cheaply built and they are not cheaply priced. In fact, the guns work well, look beautiful, carry a hefty price tag and can be difficult to find in stock.

At this point we introduce the MPA Protector Series. We bring our manufacturing expertise and capabilities to this high end market segment that deserves a finely crafted, precision oriented firearm that has the expense in the design and not in your pocket. Which brings us to another answer for “why build this series of firearms?” Because good things that come in small packages don’t have to be expensive.

Protector series manufacturing

What about the design of the gun itself? Yes our design obviously resembles current and past participants in this market, as do many others. We didn’t invent this type of gun although the previous owner of MPA spent over a year with the initial design and development of our Protector Series firearms. As with our Macs, we have just followed his lead and enhanced those designs. We made the guns safer and more consistent to shoot, and produced everything on “State of the Art” CNC machinery in our own facility. We don’t out source anything except the polymer grips and the springs. If we make it then we control the quality 100%.

It is important to understand our pricing objective. The level of margin (profit) realized by our high quality, higher priced competitors are admirable. It appears they chose to make a limited number of guns per year and let the quality and their name sell the price. At MPA, we would rather use our manufacturing expertise in reducing cycle times, material cost, scrap and extreme levels of operational efficiency to deliver a super premium product at a moderate price which in turn gives more people the availability and affordability necessary to purchase this weapon for personal protection.

Protector series manufacturing

When buying a personal protection firearm you have many choices. But until now you really didn’t have the choice of a classically beautiful firearm that was constructed with the best materials available and has a price that is affordable to all. We believe that we have filled a void in the market and we hope you the consumer will take advantage of it. We look forward to your purchase.


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