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Marlin 70410 1894 Lever 357 RemMag 18.5 9+1 American Walnut Stock Blued

Marlin 70410 1894 Lever 357 RemMag 18.5 9+1 American Walnut Stock Blued

Marlin 70410 1894 Lever 357 RemMag 18.5 9+1 American Walnut Stock Blued

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ITEM #: 026495142001
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Reviewed by 6 customer  
Marlin .38/.357 lever action carbine rifle, September 28, 2013
Light, tough, good looking, balanced. Great shooter for low-cost target and plinking. Stopping power at closer ranges. Carries easy with clean profile since has no external magazine. Great way to go.
By Joe from Corona, California
fun, fun, fun, October 19, 2012
It took about about 150 rounds to loosen up to smooth action. Luv'in it. Feed mechanism is sensitive to bullet length. No problem with 357 rounds. However, Magtech 38 special rounds can jam when sized at minimum bullet length (Min LOA). Remington 38 specials are at max LOA and worked much better. I hand load, so the 38s are no problem to load at max LOA.
By unabashed male from Long Island, NY
I had one., June 06, 2012
I had one for 2 years and sold it for what I paid of it. I sold it because every round I had went through the barrel. I was completely out of everything and I started with over 500 rounds. Selling it was the biggest mistake I ever made.
By Genius G from Pdx, OR.
:) amazing gun, February 15, 2012
Its sooooo amazing! Pingin quarter sized targets at 250 meters. Packs a whole latta punch for such a short rifle. I love mine!!! It has a coustom stock too. Gift from my grandpa! Love this gun soooooooooo much. You ever get a chance, buy it.
By Phillip from Nowheresville
Plinking, Hunting, Homedefense, December 07, 2010
Get the specs from Impact at or directly Plinking: It takes .38 Special, therefore you can shoot on the range all day long.. Here comes the cowboy in you, that can shoot wad-cutters loaded to have virtually no recoil. Hunting: With 10 rounds of .357 Magnum the possibility to shoot even small deer is intriguing. This rifle allows you to not only shoot, but as well due to the relative centric point of gravity it handles nice and easy. I have a William Peep on it and can ring the gong on around 80 yard consistently. The William is high enough, that the "buckhorn" sights can stay and the peep uses the standard hooded front sight. A wonderful brush-gun Homedefense: A .38 special +P gains roughly 150 feet/s more speed in the barrel, a .357 approximately 200 feet/s more. All hollow-point i tried, did feed without hickup. And with the short barrel it goes around corners easy and fast. This is an allrounder, something every one should have in their safe. Put some leather strip (or an old shoelace..) around the lever, as it has some edge and over an extended range session can rub you.. The action can be smoothed or after a few 100 rounds later it's fine.
By MinSLC from Salt Lake
perfect companion to your .357 revolver, November 16, 2010
This handy little gun is the perfect companion to your .357 handgun. Be like the cowboys of old, with a rifle and handgun, sharing the same rounds. I own an 1894c (blued), and an 1894css(stainless) This review will be about the blued one, as that is what is offered on impact guns. The 1894c has a tube that holds 9 .357 rounds, and 1 in the chamber, giving you a full 10 shots of the potent .357 before you have to reload. .357 coming out of a 18.5 inch barrel has plenty of benefits. 1. it picks up more speed before leaving the barrel, making it an even more effective weapon. 2. the recoil of the potent .357 magnum while a hand rocker in a revolver, is extremely easy to shoot and handle out of the 6lb rifle. the rifle also dampens the noise that the deafening .357 makes, and where it would leave your ears ringing out of a revolver (without hearing protection) it is manageable (without hearing protection) from this rifle. (note: one should always wear hearing protection, regardless) the short stature of the 1894c, makes it a breeze to carry, and swings up to the shoulder like it was simply meant to be there. The open sights are effective, but the receiver comes drilled and tapped for a scope or a receiver peep sight. with a scope, and good ammunition you can reach out past 100 yards. on mine with a scope i can hit 125 yards, with the leverevolution (hornady) ammunition, and with an aperture sight i can easily hit 75 yards all day, and 100 yards from a rest. The levers are crisp, and though a little tight when first bought, after several hundred rounds, they cycle much smoother. This rifle also has the benefit of shooting the .38 specials. the 38 specials allow this gun to be an excellent target shooter or plinker gun, while with the .357 round it can take up to deer sized game (357 can be loaded to push a 158 jsp to 30/30 velocities) all in all this is an excellent gun and a great companion to any 357 revolver, plus carrying it and shooting it allows one to feel as the cowboys of old.
By mark from upstate ny
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