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Bulgarian MAKAROV Pistol, 9x18, Good Condition, 8 Rnd

Bulgarian MAKAROV Pistol, 9x18, Good Condition, 8 Rnd

Bulgarian MAKAROV Pistol, 9x18, Good Condition, 8 Rnd

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ITEM #: HG765-G
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Reviewed by 2 customer  
The AK of pistols, September 16, 2013
Only reason it'd be less than a 5 is because spare magazines are hard to find. Aside from that, it's built rugged, easy to take apart, care for, and fires a decent round for a secondary, car carry, or CCW. Prices for other handgun rounds fluctuate with the tide of whoever is in office, but 9x18 has stayed fairly solid throughout this recent scare, even being cheaper than 9x19 for a while. I've never had a problem with mine, after 300+ rounds, even with mixed FMJ ammo, coupled with HP.
By Marcus from Colorado
Great Makarov example, March 06, 2013
I am a bit of a Makarovnik-I have a safe full of firearms but a Russian IJ-70 was my first carry piece. These Bulgarian Makarovs are probably the last TRUE Makarovs we will see imported ever. Please remember true Makarovs only came from Russia, China, Bulgaria and East Germany (there are a few commercial examples made in early unified Germany as well although very rare). I have purchased two of these and love both of them. They both seem to feed the steel cased ammo better than my Russian. The fit and finish is not a reason to buy these guns, because it does suck. These guns are however 1) built like Russian tanks 2) very reliable 3) very simple-only like 27 parts total 4) a way better carry option than any other pistol at 278 bucks. Maks are not for everyone but anyone who appreciates Soviet simplicity is sure to be a new disciple in the church of Makarov-go ahead Makarov my day!
By Big Timmy from Kennewick, Wa
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