Impact Ruger LCP +1 Grip Extension LCP Magazine Extension

Impact Ruger LCP +1 Grip Extension LCP Magazine Extension
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LCP +1 Grip Extension for the Ruger LCP magazine- replaces your factory magazine butt plate, For Ruger factory mags only- not for aftermarket magazines.

This extension will increase your magazine capacity from 6 rounds to 7 rounds.
These are CNC milled out of solid piece high quality nylon. Thousands sold and shipped worldwide! Newest update-- to prevent any feed problems and guarantee function--- 100% every time. Made to fit the Ruger factory magazines only.
Installation instructions:
1. Push in retaining button and remove factory baseplate while controlling the magazine spring.

2. Clean inside of magazine body. Make sure the follower slides up and down without binding. (Some followers have a little bit of mold flashing that binds as the follower goes up and down).

3. The Impact +1 baseplate is retained by the button plate and a "pinch" at the rear of the flange groove.

4. To install, hold the follower, spring, and button plate inside the magazine body with your finger. Align the groove of the Impact +1 with the flange, and push on. There will be a little resistance.

5. When started, hold the button plate up with a thin, flat screwdriver (a jeweler's screwdriver works well).

6. Continue to push on, while holding the button plate up as long as possible. Withdraw the screwdriver, and push the baseplate fully rearward. It will seat with an audible snap.

7. Confirm the button plate is seated - visible in the hole on the bottom of the Impact +1. The button will be recessed about .060" or 1.5mm when fully seated.

8. When properly installed with the Impact +1, the magazine will now hold 7 rounds, while providing a more secure and controllable grip.

34 Reviews

  • Impact Ruger LCP +1 Grip Extension LCP Magazine Extension

    Posted by Stan on Mar 5th 2019

    Already defective and now risky to use. Shot it at the range dozen rounds or so and while reloading I notice cracks at the opening where it slides onto the mag. >>>> Please contact us for replacements- they are under our warranty. Thanks

  • LCP+1 Mag extension

    Posted by rblilly361 on Jul 9th 2018

    I have purchased a rival's part prior to this. The rival's part didn't fit as flush and was made out of aluminum. While the aluminum was nice the couture of the part wasn't as good as this one. This one matches the gun better, and being composite actually is more similar to the original base plate of the mag that you are taking off. The installation was a breeze, and actually easier than that of the competitor. It fits the magazine like it was meant to be on there. It improves the grip, and allows me to get two fingers on the grip. The only complaint is that it could curve up in the back to totally look like it came with the gun. (but that is my OCD tendencies setting in). The LCP2 in the picture looks like it is an even better fit, but for the price this is the best mag extension I have found for the original LCP and I would highly recommend to anyone. I am probably going to buy more for my kids LCP's as well.

  • Ruger lcp 2

    Posted by Jay on Feb 20th 2018

    Works as it says, although sometimes the slide does not lock I noticed after installed the extension.

  • Works just fine! Would buy again!

    Posted by Beach Bum on Dec 24th 2017

    Converted 3 of my stock 6 round magazines for my Ruger LCP II into 7 round magazines using these extensions and they work just fine. After the last round is ejected the slide will lock back. Ran 100+ rounds combination of Aguila and Winchester ammo and had no failures so far.

  • A must have!!!

    Posted by Erik Brooks on Nov 20th 2017

    A must have for this gun. Make holding on to the gun much easier. Only seconds to install and works great!!!

  • nice

    Posted by RJF on Jun 25th 2016

    good fit

  • Impact Ruger Lcp +1 extension.

    Posted by Skeeter on Apr 17th 2015

    Great product, bought two and they installed in seconds. Helps make the weapon manageable. Good job to the makers. I am planning on buying one more.

  • I have 3 and they work great

    Posted by Bb on Nov 2nd 2014

    These +1 bases work with the "mag guts" spring kit to give 8+1 capacity.


  • Excellent! Fits Tightly and Performs Flawlessly

    Posted by GunLover499 on Apr 14th 2014

    I am extremely impressed with the quality, functionality and ergonomics of the mag extension. I was considering getting a Bersa cc9 to have a carry gun with a easier to grab grip, but with my lc9 and this mag extension I have an exactly that! I sampled the ruger 9rd extended mag, and i felt it was too long and felt odd in the hand, not to mention feeling loose and rattling. So i ordered these mag extensions and now I have 8rd capacity, compact size and a full hand comfortable grip for my lc9. If the LC9 came with this they would sell twice as many!

  • Great Addition

    Posted by DonPachuco on Apr 14th 2013

    I like that with the extra round, that my LCP feels a little heavier. I had another extension, that did not add a round, but allowed me enough room to get my pinky on the grip as well. If I could combine the two, I would be 100% satisfied with my firearm. Like a 1/4 to 1/2 an inch longer, I could "maybe" get my pinky on with this +1 extension. Perhaps the manufacturer should consider making it just slightly longer, but only on the side of the extension where the pinky would rest, or maybe a +2....

  • Not for small hands

    Posted by Lindsey682 on Nov 30th 2012

    Works well for my husband. Allows him to get 2 fingers comfortambly on the grip instead of about 1 1/2. However, I have small hands (I'm 5'1) and it just makes it an awkward size for me. I can't fit all 3 fingers on the grip and I can't find a comfortable place with my pinky. It's more in the way. If you have really small might just make it a little harder to hold. Bigger's perfect.

  • Why don't these come stock with every Ruger LCP!?

    Posted by mlk18 on Sep 20th 2012

    These are awesome! If you own an LCP you have to buy one (or 3 as in my case). They are well made and function perfectly. They greatly improve the grip and control-ability of the LCP. Mine worked right out of the package with my Hogue hybrid equipped gun. Do yourself a favor and buy one.

  • As Advertised!

    Posted by Bob on Sep 14th 2012

    Mine required very minor fitting as the gun has a Handall Hybrid grip sleeve. Fast delivery and easy Installation. Functions perfectly. All in all
    a great addition for Elsie Pea! It would be nice
    if the extension were a quarter of an inch longer,
    so I could fit all instead of half of my pinky.

  • Nice fit! Good price!

    Posted by Jerry VS on Sep 10th 2012

    Extension was a simple and perfect fit to the original magazine. Makes a better "grip" and doesn't really add any bulk or weight to the gun...price is right too!

  • got one liked it so much had to get another

    Posted by mouseman30 on Aug 27th 2012

    I bought one so i hoping that it would let me shoot my girlfriends lcp more comfortably well it worked so well i got another one love them , if you have medium ore large hands these are a must have for this pistol and it adds an extra round that can never hurt when you need will be getting a few more

  • Good, but not for ProMag

    Posted by Bill on May 18th 2012

    First of all, I ordered two, but only one arrived in the mail. Called Impact about shortage and they immediately sent another; no hassle. That good service will keep me as a customer. I used one extension in a Ruger LCP magazine and it works great. However, the second extension was to go on a new LCP ProMag magazine. The extension's hole is not big enough for the ProMag's plastic tip to fit into it. Will have to see if it can drilled a little or may not be able to use it. These extensions are nice, but apparently only fit Ruger magazines.>>> Impact Note: Correct- these are designed for the Ruger factory magazine. ProMag did not even make the LCP mag when we designed these. You can return it if needed. Thanks!

  • love it

    Posted by 4x4gredo on Mar 23rd 2012

    nothing else to say love it

  • great product

    Posted by mac10shooter on Mar 5th 2012

    Works as advertized. Great to have an extra round to count on. Will be ordering more for my lcp mags.

  • Mag extension

    Posted by Bigeasttx on Feb 23rd 2012

    Good product, gives you a much better grip.
    The extra round didn't mean as much as the better control for better shot placement. Actually wish they would make one an inch longer.

  • For 12.99, I'll take it!!!

    Posted by RockOnHellChild on Feb 18th 2012

    I put this mag extension on my LCP and I love it! Adds one more round, increases the fit in your hand for added controllability, and doesn?t change the ride in or draw from my pocket holster. I haven't had a single issue with it after 150 rounds. Like I said in the headline? For 12.99,I?ll take it!!! Now my mother wants one for her LCP

  • Sweet product

    Posted by Gmanf61 on Jan 11th 2012

    Bought 2 of these and 3 minutes after i got them they were installed. Very easy and quick to install. I have a big hand and this helps with the grip.

  • Unbelievable

    Posted by rick on Dec 27th 2011

    Bought 1 to try. What a difference. Just enough extra length to get the second finger completely on the grip. Took away the shake from the death grip required with the stock floor plate. Already ordered 3 more.

  • 100% Good

    Posted by TT on Dec 16th 2011

    .the PLUS ONES for my Ruger LCP .380 actually makes the gun FUN to SHOOT because without your PLUS ONES its not fun at all.....I LOVE THOSE...I BOUGHT 8...and will buy more....!!!

    Thanks for keeping them in us customers love them!!!!

  • Great Product!

    Posted by CPTBeaker on Sep 23rd 2011

    Outstanding addition to the standard magazine. The added capacity is a definite benefit and it works just fine with the stock spring. The fit and finish is exceptional. Installation literally took 10 seconds. I would recommend this to all LCP users.

  • Worth its weight in gold

    Posted by BigJ on Aug 3rd 2011

    Im 6`8 and carry an LCP because of the concealability and without this extension it was a challenege to tactically draw/shoot my firearm..12 dollars later, problem solved..Shipped/arrived way faster than i expected

  • a " MUST HAVE " for lcp owners.

    Posted by Richard on May 10th 2011

    a perfect companion to the crimson trace laser sight.

  • great product

    Posted by jordan on Apr 28th 2011

    Nothing is wrong with product. Great i put 120 rounds threw it earlier and no problem or no jam what so ever. Only thing that got me was I thought it was a little longer of a extension but its good. If yall ever make one longer for big hands and fingers like I do I would buy a couple myself and I'm sure other people would to

  • A must have for LCP

    Posted by Mike K on Dec 30th 2010

    The Ruger LCP was my first handgun purchase and at first the gun didn't feel very manageable to me. I found the Impact Guns website and the LCP extensions and thought I would at least give them a try, bought 3, two for me and one for a friend. And WOW they do make a world of difference were easy to install and well machined. Still easy to conceal anyway I decide to carry my LCP and MUCH MORE MANAGEABLE. Also had excellent customer service and would recommend to any LCP owner.

  • Good product

    Posted by Shawn on Dec 22nd 2010

    These work really well, I recommend to anybody. It doesn't change the size much so it's still pretty concealable.

  • +1 and more

    Posted by Steve on Dec 16th 2010

    I have purchased the +1 grip extension for my LCP. The extension is very well machined. It was very easy to install. It gives you more to hang onto when firing. The addition of one more bullet gives me a little more confidence if I'm in a tight situation. I highly recommend it.

  • A must have for Ruger LCP owners!

    Posted by Cypher on Dec 15th 2010

    The Impact Ruger LCP+1 Grip Extention is a "must have" for anyone who owns a Ruger LCP. The extentions makes this little pocket pistol much more manageable and gives you a bonus of 1 extra round! Great product at an Awesome Impact Gun price!

  • Helps the grip

    Posted by PJ on Dec 2nd 2010

    This part really helps me to shoot the LCP. It adds a little to the length of the grip, so I have a more secure hols, so I give this a high rating. It went on easily with no tools.

  • Affixes really solidly

    Posted by Shooter Bro on Nov 30th 2010

    I was worried this thing would wiggle around on the bottom of the mag. Good news, it doesn't! The +1 space is always good too. This is a necessity if you have an LCP.

  • Neat item for LCP

    Posted by mark on Oct 4th 2010

    Really like this mag extension. Went on easy and the pistol is much easier to control. I like and will buy another one for my extra mag.

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