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Knoxx COPStock for Winchester and FN- Recoil Reducing

Knoxx COPStock for Winchester and FN- Recoil Reducing

Knoxx COPStock for Winchester and FN- Recoil Reducing

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ITEM #: 852125033001
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Designed for Law Enforcement, home defense and sporting applications, the patented Knoxx COPstock folding shotgun stock cuts actual recoil by over 50%.
Using technology developed by Knoxx Industries for the acclaimed Knoxx CompStock, the folding pistol grip stock takes the pain out of shooting magnum buckshot and slug loads, even with the stock folded. The sturdy folding wire-frame stock is easily folded over the top of the receiver. This allows for compact storage and increased maneuverability in tight spaces, such as vehicles, hallways and entryways.

Extending the stock creates a stable platform for accurate slug or shot placement at maximum ranges. A squeeze of the heavy-duty non-slip soft polymer-coated wire frame releases the lock and allows the stock to be folded open or closed.
The COPstock Folder pistol grip contains the unique Knoxx recoil-reducing mechanism and is covered in a soft rubber grip sleeve with finger grooves to improve control and grip in all weather conditions. The patented recoil-reducing mechanism reduces muzzle flip in addition to taming recoil. Shooters testing the COPstock Folder with 3 inch Magnum Buckshot loads have found that there is very little discernible recoil in either open or folded positions, with virtually no muzzle flip.
With the stock folded, the shotgun can be held like a pistol, at arm’s length, and fired with no pain or discomfort. Even beginner shooters could consistently hit a 12-inch gong at 25 yards with “00” Buckshot--one-handed! Trying this feat is definitely not recommended with other folding or pistol grip style stocks.
This model fits Remington 870 Series(#03100)
Suggested retail price is $109.95 with special pricing for law enforcement agencies and officers. NOTE: The COPstock™ Folder must be used with short or “combat-style” forends. We recommend that the Knoxx Rubber Overmolded forend ($19.95) or similar forend be used to avoid interference problems with the stock in folded position.
The Knoxx Sidewinder 10-round Drum Magazine Conversion kit is a perfect addition to the COPstock Folder. Attach a sling and your shotgun is ready when you need it or out of the way when you don’t.
This Item Is No Longer Available.
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