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Knights Mk11/SR25 Carbine with 16" Match Grade Stainless Steel Barrel (SR25 Marked)

Knights Mk11/SR25 Carbine with 16" Match Grade Stainless Steel Barrel (SR25 Marked)

Knights Mk11/SR25 Carbine with 16" Match Grade Stainless Steel Barrel (SR25 Marked)

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ITEM #: KMC-25649-SR25
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KMC’s Mk11/SR25 Carbine .308/7.62 (NATO)

Weapon Specifications:
Overall Length Closed: 35 in.
Length Stock Extended: 38 in.
Weight Unloaded: 8.9 lbs.
Barrel Length: 16 in.
Specially Designed LW/Stiff/Imp’d Cooling Barrel
Mil-Standard 1913 Flat-top Upper Receiver Rail
16” Stainless Steel Match Barrel, Mk11 Carbine Model
These are not marked Battle Rifle or Mk11, they are marked KMC / SR-25
Accuracy at 100yds: 1.5 in. (or less; typical groups with M118 LR type ammo)

KMC’s MK11/SR-25 Carbine is a State-of-the-Art weapon system design using the best small arms materials and technology available today, achieving a light weight, user friendly, effective, large caliber rifle system combining inherent accuracy and increased knock-down power required for medium size game hunting.

More Exclusive Standard Features:

KAC Match Two-Stage Trigger assembly improves both accuracy and recovery time in all shooting situations especially “double tap” and single shot precision scenarios. The KAC trigger assembly is interchangeable with current three round burst and full auto 5.56mm mechanisms, and it’s improved performance is more user friendly as well. In the semi mode, a clean breaking target grade two-stage trigger pull is provided. This not only improves precision, but recovery time between shots as well, the weight of pull is consistent from shot to shot, unlike the three round burst trigger whose inherent inconsistency in pull weight and feel adversely effects concentration and accuracy.
KAC Upper Receiver Extension Quad-Rail (URX) Forend allows the operator to more rapidly acquire, identify, and accurately fire on enemy targets, when used with mini day and night scope modules because of its inherent rigidity and consistent alignment with the host weapon’s upper receiver and its ability to maintain zero. By threading directly onto the upper receiver’s external thread (in place of a separate barrel nut), the URX provides a nearly uninterrupted extension of the upper receiver rail for maximum flexibility in sight positioning. The URX has precise and repeatable relative position to the upper receiver’s major datum line and the theoretical bore center line. The lower rail is removable by the Operator for cleaning the interior of the forend.

More Weapon Specifications for P/N: 25645:
Weight: 2.5 lbs.
With M80 Ball: 2,558 fps. Max Effective Range: 600 Meters+
Twist Rate: 1/11” 5R Rifling
Chrome Plated Bolt & Carrier
Muzzle Velocity: 2,318 fps W/M118LR Barrel
Sound Suppressor Weight: 1.84 lb. (Sound Suppressors are planned for late 2010)
Multi-Position Telescoping Buttstock
Integral Folding Front Sight with “no tools required” Zeroing!
Integral URX Forend Rail
Sling Swivel Attachment Points

200-600 Meter Fully Adjustable Folding Rear Sight (NSN: 1005-01-499-6868)

Integral Rear Sling Swivel Adapter
4.5 lb. 2-Stage Match Trigger

We have just a few of these rifles to sell. We expect the rifles to ship in Dec 2009. We will not accept deposits or full payments on KAC rifles we cannot deliver! We will work with you to assure complete satisfaction wiht your new Knights rifle.
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