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Kimber Tactical Pro ll 45 ACP 4" Barrel Laminated Grips 7 Rd Mag

Kimber Tactical Pro ll 45 ACP 4" Barrel Laminated Grips 7 Rd Mag

Kimber Tactical Pro ll 45 ACP 4" Barrel Laminated Grips 7 Rd Mag

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Kimber Tactical Pro II

A lightweight pistol loaded with no-nonsense features for duty and concealed carry

The Tactical Pro II .45 ACP is a light weight pistol loaded with no-nonsense features for duty and concealed carry. Standard features include rounded and blended edges that will not snag on clothing or holsters, 30 lines-per-inch checkering on the front strap and under the trigger guard for a positive grip and Meprolight three dot (green) night sights that off er a positive aiming point regardless of light conditions. The premium KimPro II finish on the full-size frame is both self-lubricating and extremely resistant to moisture and salt, an important advantage for a pistol that might be used in a harsh environment and not cleaned regularly. Like all Kimber pistols, the slide and frame of the Tactical Pro II are mated early in production and travel through the factory together, ensuring the very best fi t of every part. No pistol design has ever matched the 1911 for dependability, accuracy and natural pointability—and no other production 1911 brand has ever matched Kimber quality.

Kimber Tactical Pro II Features
 Kimber Tactical Pro II Sights Kimber Tactical Pro II barrel
 Low profile Combat Meprolight night sights mounted in machined dovetails for strength and edges are rounded to avoid snags Match grade 4-inch bushingless bull barrel aids concealability while delivering unequaled Kimber accuracy
Kimber Tactical Pro II Grip  Kimber Tactical Pro II Grip
 Light-weight frame has full-length grip for positive control during rapid fire 30 lines per inch checkering on front strap and under trigger guard for positive grip even with wet or cold hands
Kimber Tactical Pro II Magazine 
Extended and beveled magazine well for positive and fast reloading

Tactical Pro II additional Features

  • Aluminum frame reduces weight to only 29 ounces.
  • Match grade bushingless bull barrel ensures unequaled accuracy.
  • Premium KimPro II finish on frame is selflubricating. 
Kimber Tactical Pro II Specifications
Caliber: .45ACP Height: 5.5"
Weight: 29 oz Length: 7.7"
Magazine Capacity: 7 Rounds Recoil spring weight: 22 lbs
Material: Aluminum Finish Type: Kim Pro II
Finish Color: Charcoal Gray Width: 1.28"
Thumb Safety: Abidextrous, extended Front Strap Checkering: 30 lines-per-inch
Guide Rod: Full Length Checkering Under Trigger Guard: 30 lines-per-inch
Special Features: Extended Magazine  
Material: Steel Finish Color: Matte Black
Type: Match grade bushingless, bull Length: 4"
Material: Steel Twist Rate: 16 LH
Type: Fixed low profile 3-dot
night sights
Radius: 5.7"
Material: Laminated Type: Double Diamond, Kimber Logo
Type: Premium Match Grade Factory Setting: 4-5 lbs


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