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Kimber Stainless TLE/RL II

Kimber Stainless TLE/RL II

Kimber Stainless TLE/RL II

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Kimber Stainless TLE/RL II

Today, law enforcement officers around the country, including such elite units as LAPD SWAT, carry Kimber Customs. Military units with the option to chose pistols that can actually do the job trust Kimber with their lives. American shooters have made Kimber the best selling brand of 1911 by a huge margin.

A stainless steel version of the pistol carried by LAPD SWAT with a tactical rail

The Stainless TLE/RL II .45 ACP is a stainless steel version of the duty pistol carried by LAPD SWAT, plus it has the added advantage of an integral Kimber Tactical Rail. Critical custom shop upgrades such as Meprolight night sights and 30 lines-per-inch checkering are also included. Based on the Kimber Stainless II model, it has features like match grade barrel, chamber, trigger and barrel bushing, along with a frame and slide carefully machined from stainless steel for additional resistance to the elements. A 1911 fi ts almost any size hand and points naturally for faster and more accurate shooting, an advantage that is impossible to overstate. The single-stage trigger breaks at 4–5 pounds without the creep and overtravel common to other designs, and the 1911 safety system has never been equaled. Combined with the authority of the great .45 ACP cartridge, there is no better pistol to carry for duty or use for home defense than the Kimber Stainless TLE/RL II.

Kimber Stainless TLE/RL II (pictured below is the non-stainless steel version)
 Kimber Custom TLE/RL2 Sights Kimber Custom TLE/RL 2 Frame
 Low profile night sights are mounted in machined dovetails for strength and have rounded edges that will not snag Full-size frame is machined from solid stainless steel for strength and long life
Kimber Custom TLE/RL 2 Safety  Kimber Custom TLE/RL2 Front Strap
 5-inch match grade barrel and bushing for unequaled accuracy Front strap checkering (30 lines per inch) ensures positive grip, regardless of conditions

Kimber Custom 2 Safety
Kimber tactical rail for mounting accessories

Kimber Stainless TLE/RL II Additional Features

  • Match grade chamber and trigger
  • Extended magazine release button for faster operation
  • Beveled magazine well for quick and positive loading
  • Polished breech face for flawless feeding and extraction
  • Lowered ejection port to ensure unobstructed ejection and reliability
  • Extended thumb safety to encourage high-hand grip placement
Kimber Stainless TLE/RL II Specifications
Caliber: .45 ACP Height: 5.25"
Weight: 39 oz Length: 8.7"
Magazine Capacity: 7 Rounds Recoil spring weight: 16 lbs
Material: Stainless Steel Finish Color: Satin Silver
Width: 1.28" Thumb Safety: Extended
Material: Stainless Steel Finish Color: Satin Silver
Material: Steel Length: 5"
Twist Rate: 16 Type: Match grade
Bushing: Stainless steel, match grade  
Type: Fixed Meprolight night sights Radius: 6.8"
Material: Black synthetic Type: Double diamond
Type: Aluminum match grade trigger Factory Setting: 4-5 lbs
This Item Is No Longer Available.
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