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Kimber Solo Carry 9mm, 2.7", Two-Tone, 6+1

Kimber Solo Carry 9mm, 2.7", Two-Tone, 6+1

Kimber Solo Carry 9mm, 2.7", Two-Tone, 6+1

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Reviewed by 5 customer  
Kimber hits a home run., December 17, 2011
I've had mine for a couple of months now and the only problem I've had is it is so accurate and fun to shoot that I can't seem to quit. For cheap shooting ammo Speer Lawman 124 and 147 ball or the same in American Eagle run flawlessly. If you simply must run WW white box 115 expect to start getting FTEs after 30 to 50 rounds. Just clean the gun and do it again. Do read the instruction manual about reassembly on the slide stop or you will have problems. Small, light, well made and stupidly accurate. Before you believe the Kimber Bashers try one at the range.
By Dennis from Ohio
hope it leaves up, September 27, 2011
if the solo lives up to the kimber pro carry it well be a great gun
By roger from nampa idaho
Not Bad, July 22, 2011
I got to try this little gun out at the range and was plesently surprised. I am not a fan of Kimber but this gun might make me rethink that. I find its price to be the major sore spot. I would have a hard time choosing this over say the LC9 but on the plus side I do think this gun shoots better and feels better in the hands. Is that worth paying 300 or more for not sure you will have to decide that for yourself. To Shadow. The gun does NOT hold two rounds it holds seven. Six in the mag and one in the pipe. They say that on the specs and many other places, not counting the act of actually using the gun will tell you also.
By B.A. Robinson from Kellogg, Idaho
Come see the Solo in Ogden, March 18, 2011
We have a Kimber Solo in the Impact Ogden store on display- come by and check it out! We're accepting orders.
By Impact Guns from Ogden Utah
Holds six rounds not two!!, March 05, 2011
You'll have to excuse the other review "shadow from LA" He/She has obviously not used this handgun and is oblivious to the fact that it holds six rounds. Just look at the specs or better yet actually try to use the gun. Kimber makes the best guns I've ever used and are superb in thier quality. This gun is amazingly acurate and small, perfect for concealed carry.
By Not So Fast from Utah
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