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Kimber Pro CDP ll 45 ACP 4" Barrel Night Sights, 7 Rd Mag

Kimber Pro CDP ll 45 ACP 4" Barrel Night Sights, 7 Rd Mag

Kimber Pro CDP ll 45 ACP 4" Barrel Night Sights, 7 Rd Mag

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Reviewed by 5 customer  
Owned one for many years, December 04, 2013
The gun is excellent. I've had mine for at least ten years. It has been durable and dependable. In it's early life it did prefer ball ammo as opposed to hollow points. They arrive tight and need to be shot. On our range I was able to hit a man size target at 125 yards, repeatedly. Pow..... ding. So to the guy who posted he couldn't hit with it, it may be time for him to swap to a shotgun.
By Milkbone from Tennessee Ridge, Tennessee
Faithful Companion, May 19, 2012
I've been carrying Kimber's Custom Shop Elite Carry (which is the predecessor to the Pro CDP II) for over 5 years now, and it's one of the best pistols I own. It's accurate, has a smooth action, tight tolerances, and a fantastic trigger. As a Marine combat veteran, a former Police Officer, and a Gunsmith, I've shot pretty much every handgun out there. If you're looking for a 1911 style pistol, you just can't go wrong with a Kimber. Yes, they're REALLY freakin' expensive, but if you're putting your life on the line and you want a pistol you can depend on, this is it.
By Sgt. Sasquatch from Hillsboro, OR
One of the Best!, December 30, 2011
There is simply not a better hand-gun for personal defense on the market. I have carried my Pro CDP for many years, also using it to shoot IDPA, practical defense matches, and winning against other major brands. My Kimber Pro CDP is a valued and trusted member of my family, we do not go anywhere without it. You'll find they also hold their value as good or better than any major hand-gun brand out there.
By moorg from East Tennessee
Bet your life on it!, February 21, 2011
I will only carry a gun that I have 100% confidence in and the CDP PRO has been flawless. I carry in a Miami Classic rig and almost forget it's there. Best combination of carry weight, sight plane and stopping power.
By azreloader from Tempe, AZ
A VERY BAD CHOICE!!!, December 05, 2010
This gun has turned me against collecting any gun. It is pretty, it has smoothe function but after shooting it, I never want to shoot it again. The gun isn't accurate. And, for $1100.00 this has been a very sad experience!!!
By old school from NASHVILLE, TN 37027
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