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*D*Kimber Eclipse Custom II .10mm

*D*Kimber Eclipse Custom II .10mm

*D*Kimber Eclipse Custom II .10mm

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Kimber Eclipse Custom II, .10mm

Elegance. Hard to define but easy to recognize, elegance is a true measure of quality. Kimber Eclipse pistols have a brushpolished finish over a stainless steel slide and frame, both accented with black small parts. More importantly, they perform as good as they look—and that is a bold statement.

The true beauty of Eclipse pistols is in their performance. Match grade barrels and triggers ensure the level of accuracy that made Kimber the world’s most popular 1911. The Eclipse Custom II is available in the powerful 10 mm. Breech faces are polished for dependable feeding, and slide and magazine releases are checkered for fast, reliable operation. Still, performance never looked this good.

A full-size stainless steel 1911 available in the powerful 10 mm

The powerful 10mm cartridge is known for its tremendous energy and flat trajectory. When chambered in a 1911 pistol it becomes a wonderful defense/carry cartridge. Some even swear by it for hunting. Based on customer requests, Kimber is producing a limited number of Eclipse Custom II pistols in this great cartridge. With all the standard Eclipse family features but with a traditional (internal) extractor, the Eclipse Custom II 10mm is a full size 1911 with a stainless steel slide and frame. The striking, two-tone Eclipse finish, gray/black laminated grips, three dot (green) Meprolight night sights, black small parts plus match grade barrel, trigger and barrel bushing make this pistol something special. Availability is limited

Kimber Eclipse Custom II Features
 Kimber Eclips Custom II Finish Kimber Eclips Custom II Barrel
 Brush-polished finish on stainless steel slide and frame is accented with matte black small parts for a durable and elegant appearance Match grade 5-inch barrel combines with full-size frame grip to promote fast, accurate shooting
Kimber Eclips Custom II Trigger  Kimber Eclips Custom II Sights
 Match Grade Premium Aluminum Trigger breaks clean at 4-5 pounds and ensures accuracy Low profile night sights are mounted in machined dovetails for strength and edges are rounded to avoid snags
Kimber Eclips Custom II Grip 
30 lines-per-inch checkering on front strap and under
trigger guard for positive grip even with wet or cold hands
Kimber Eclipse Custom II Specifications
Caliber: 10mm Height: 5.25"
Weight: 38 oz Length: 8.7"
Magazine Capacity: 8 Rounds Recoil spring weight: 16 lbs
Material: Stainless Steel Finish Type: Brush Polished
Front Strap Checkering: 30 lines-per-inch Width: 1.28"
Guide Rod: Full Length  
Material: Stainless Steel Finish Color: Brush Polished
Stainless Steel Match Grade Bushing Length: 5"
Material: Steel, Match Grade Twist Rate: 16 LH
Type: Meprolight Tritium 3-dot night sight, fixed Radius: 6.8"
Material: Laminated Type: Double Diamond
Type: Premium Aluminum Match Grade Factory Setting: 4-5 lbs
This Item Is No Longer Available.
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