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KelTec 9mm Blue Slide Black Grip

KelTec 9mm Blue Slide Black Grip

KelTec 9mm Blue Slide Black Grip

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Reviewed by 13 customer  
Great CCW Pistol; not for everyone, January 20, 2013
The PF9 is probably one of the best values in a small, easy to conceal firearm. I've had mine for over four years and have never had a failure to feed or eject. However, this pistol is very snappy and not for novices or those with weak hands. The recoil spring is stiff, making the slide harder to pull back than larger pistols, and one must grip it tightly and firmly to keep from limp-wristing. I do not recommend this pistol for most females. A Limbsaver grip helps tame the recoil and maintain a firmer hold on the weapon. I highly suggest buying one if you purchase or already own this pistol.
By Caligula from Garner, NC
PF9 Function Reliability Issues, May 17, 2012
I have had my PF9 for about 9 months now. It is a fantastic CCW weapon for up close & personal. It is no target pistol. 1st issue I had after 100 break in standard velocity factory ammo rounds. The magazine would drop out of battery about 1/2 inch. causeing a fail to feed every 4th or 5th round. Sent it back to Kel-Tec, they replaced mag catch and spring. A gun issue, not my fat thumb hitting the mag release during fireing. At 15 yards, shoots 4in to left and high. Drifted rear sight to the right to compensate. I recommend only using standard velocity 115gr ammo due to the short barrel. Heavier bullets not as accurate. I fluffed and buffed feed ramp and very lightly on the rails. All seems great now at 600 rounds down range. Gun slide will looseing up dramaticly with a felt play side to side but it's designed to do that. So what do want for $300 bucks in this overpriced gun market. A good little comfortable carry piece, but clean and lube often.
By Doughboy from Northern Arizona
Good Concealed Carry, March 29, 2012
I have had This for a little ofer a year now and after the first 50 rounds it has never failed to fire. I go to the range about once a month and usually put 50 to 100 rounds thruogh it. I carry in my jeans fron pocket with a Recluse holster or inside my waist band with a Fisk Holster. I have s Crimson Trace Laser and that bullet goes where that laser point every time.
By E.E. Evans from Sun Lakes, AZ
Excellent for Concealed Carry, March 05, 2012
This gun was designed for concealed carry (cc), and that is exactly what it is perfect for. I've had mine for several months now and I wouldn't trade it for any other cc firearm. I would say that it has a little bit of a break-in period (100 rounds or so) and a decent cleaning every now and again will keep it running right on the money with cheap ammo. Accuracy is excellent for it's size, weight is low, snappy but that's expected with it being a light weight 9mm. Do your research and make sure you are buying an up to date model (all metal mag release is the one you want).
By dan24bids from Georgia
Excellent concealment gun, January 10, 2012
After purchasing gun I added a custom fit adhesive rubber grip and a grip extension. I have since shot around 2000+ rounds through it. If you have a loose grip when firing, it will likely jam. I has a sharp recoil and requires a firm grip. After shooting a couple hundred rounds of cheap dirty ammo, it started to have a couple of ejection problems. After the gun was cleaned, it worked without hangup. I have never had any problems with the gun using good self-defense ammo. It is easily concealed anywhere on the body and is surprisingly accurate. I think it is a good buy for the money.
By nut-ster from Utah
Get what you pay for, good gun overall, November 24, 2011
Great pocket gun in 9mm. Shoots 4" high left at 15' out of the box but has good groups for such a short barrel. Mag has some problems with shifting causing jams if you add the grip extension. Kicks hard against your thumb but handles good for such a light gun. Rail is too short for most lights but it realy isnt a gun built for add on's. Great concealment, supper thin and fits just about anywhere. I carry it in the jacket of a suit with no problem. Deffinatly hides in the belt well. I would recommend buying this gun if you are looking for a cheap but reliable concealment gun or a back up to your service pistol.
Compact hand cannon!, September 01, 2011
got a TAN one (i call it tactical tan). Great firearm, snappy recoil, decent accuracy. This gun is for concealment and chambered in 9mm for piece of mind. very light weight, i carry it in florida wearing a muscle-t and cargo shorts. It fits nice in the front or side pockets. thin profile allows for little to no printing through clothes. Ive seen cell phones print harder!
By stirfry from Florida
Hit or miss, great customer service., December 29, 2010
The PF-9 is a badass handgun. It carries really well on my 32 inch waist. No problem concealing, especially with the Kel-Tec slide clip. I've have some extraction issues with mine, but the Kel-Tec customer service RULES. There is a really good online forum for these guns, KTOG, and it has a really tight community with people stoked on Kel-Tec's guns.
By Loren from Utah
Very good, but not sure about reliability, December 26, 2010
I blasted through a box of ammo using a rental PF-9 and found it to be fairly accurate with "tolerable" recoil. It has all the features you would want on a concealed carry pistol, minimal size, weight, decent caliber & capacity, even a RAIL! However, I experienced 2 jams in a 50 round run. It could be a weak grip combined with the snappy recoil - that's what the Kel-Tec fans and gunzines say. I honestly don't think it was my grip. Others have complained about the reliability of Kel-Tecs in general and I can only speculate. What I plan to do is buy one brand new and break it in myself (without the fluff and buff treatment) - because you shouldn't have to do gunsmithing on any level for the thing to work. If you have strong hands, you may have a better experience with the PF-9.
By Dan from Virginia
kel tec pf9, December 18, 2010
This small PF9 pistol has proven to a very reliable & small firearm. It`s very lite,very thin, and balanced. Its simple to break down and clean. it goes together quite easy. The drawbacks are 1.It has a long double action only pull. 2.It could be hard for some ladys and or older folks to chamber that very important first round. 3. If you shoot it for a exstended time it starts to bite into your fireing hand. The very best part of owening this gun besides shooting it. Is the factery warrenty and super service that you get from kel-tec and turn around on my repair was less than three weeks. If you need a very well built gun for the buck you cant looe with this model.
By Tim from Arizona
Falls Short on Reliability, November 19, 2010
Small and surprisingly accurate but unfortunately mine has a nasty habit of jamming on feed. Several types of ammo and a new mag didn't help. Without the reliability, the rest doesn't really matter. I love my P3AT (which is very reliable) but this one doesn't make the grade.
By Jester from Old Dominion
Bigger is always better, November 17, 2010
When compared side by side with .380 caliber pocket pistols, there is no competition. I've been looking for a high caliber baby pistol for a while, and I just accepted that the only caliber that will fit in my pocket would be the .380 auto cartridge. Now, while I do not recommend the 9mm cartridge in the least (I prefer .45 and .40) There's something to be said about the platform this pistol caters to. In direct competition with .380s, this blows away the most finely crafted pieces from one simple advantage. You pick up a little weight (but honestly, nothing you can't handle) a little recoil (should be little concern for most shooters) and marginal size, but you end up getting a bigger round. That's makes it for me.
By ShooterBro from Seattle
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