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KEL-TEC SUB-16CA 223 Carbine

KEL-TEC SUB-16CA 223 Carbine

KEL-TEC SUB-16CA 223 Carbine California Legal

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Reviewed by 5 customer  
Not bad for the price, March 26, 2016
Had it at the range 2 times ran about 300 rounds through it and only 1 jam .I used 6 kinds of ammo mostly the cheap stuff but it worked fine.I put the kel tec added butt stock pad which made it a little longer for me . I like the fact that I didn't have to have a bullet button on it . The gun worked fine and the price I paid was cheaper than most ar rifles and I am very please with it .
By Snake from Ca
Great Rifle for the price!, February 20, 2012
i bought this rifle at the same time my buddy bought a del ton ar15, we went out shooting the same day and i got the better feedback on my kel tec, it had little recoil which is nice , rapid firing and staying on target is fairly easy. the built in picatinny rail is perfect for mounting any optics, i got an ncstar try rail system scope and it allows me to be dead on at 300 yards. the fold out bipod is a little flimsy but it functions perfectly! the kel tec is loud! it is louder than any ar15 i have shot. the only problem i have had is that it has jammed a few times. i think the ammo i used is not the best quality, but overall it is a solid rifle and I'm glad i spend 620 after tax and fees instead of 850! and i don't have to have a bullet button to get my mag out. plus i can use any standard ar15/m16 mags! this is a great rifle and i would and have recommended it to family and friends!
By Clane3613 from California
for the money, perfect, August 25, 2011
Picked this gun up a few months back and have loved it ever since. Been reloading my .223's and getting some very good groupings with some very low cost, and quick turnout laods. factory loads shoot even better. hitting a 6x6 metal plate at 200yrds nearly every shot. dont know the specific group as I dont really check but at 50yrds, i can put them within an inch every time. and CA legal is a charlie model without the ability to fire while folded. thats it.
By Paul VV from San Jose ca
Fun to Shoot, Great for Plinking and Camping, December 05, 2010
This Gun Is a great light weight and portable gun. Fun to shoot at the range, and very portable. You can fold it up and take it with you if you go camping. Shot about 100 rounds at range the first time out and no problems. This gun has little recoil and a nice built in bipod. My only complaint is the small pin thast holds it in place when its not folded its kind of flimsy. Other than that the stock holds 2 extra 10 round magazines.
By cbrink32 from North Hollywood Ca
SU means Sport Utility Realy, November 12, 2010
Don't let the California Legal fool you. That just means you can't shoot with the stock folded. The top rail means any sight or optics you want. It will feed any thing I have put in there, and I'm on a budget. The mags that come with it work fine but I use M16 mags and they work every time. This is not a National Match rifle but it is a Sport Utility you can count on.
By Mr Bill from NC
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