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Kel-Tec SU16 SUB-16 Sport Utility Rifle SA 223 Rem 19 10+1 Syn Stk Black

Kel-Tec SU16 SUB-16 Sport Utility Rifle SA 223 Rem 19 10+1 Syn Stk Black

Kel-Tec SU16 SUB-16 Sport Utility Rifle SA 223 Rem 19 10+1 Syn Stk Black

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Reviewed by 6 customer  
Great rifle, February 04, 2015
Keep in mind this is not intended to be an AR15 it does not have the same fit and finish. That being said, for under $500 this rifle cannot be beat. Added a 3x9 scope and couldn't be happier with its performace. Not a single jam or malfunction in first 100 rnds. Love the lightweight factor, use of AR15 mags, front bipod, and folding of rifle. If I have to bug out and can take only one rifle it will be this above my other AR rifles
By greenheadspoonbill from layton, utah
"A" model SU-16 pros and cons, February 07, 2014
Purchased an "A" model several years ago. Overall an excellent rifle. Pros: very accurate , reliable , lightweight , uses AR magazines , folding stock makes rifle handy to transport , good trigger , . Cons: 10 round stock magazines tend to fall out of the stock when fired ,upon cleaning , locking lugs in chamber quite difficult to access to clean , front plastic sight blade wanders after 100 rounds or so , ( I replaced the front sight with the AR type sight , problem solved) , unwise to use the Russian steel case ammo. This ammo is polymer coated and after the chamber heats up with vigorous firing , the polymer melts in the chamber and results in a stuck case..... REALLY stuck case. Use good brass cased american ammo.I would buy another SU-16 in a heartbeat.
By Big Mike from Adelanto
Nice gun, but . . ., February 27, 2013
You've read the other reviews and it's a nice rifle. I'm going to try to be more objective. Pro's: Lightweight and folds up - goes anywhere. 10 round mags store in stock. Front sight adjusts like an AR-15. Rear site is completely movable for windage and sight picture. Comes with a pic rail for adding a scope. Forend opens up into a bipod. Uses AR-15 magazines. Gas piston bolt mechanism. Con's: Lightweight - more recoil than one may be used to. Plastic parts are unfinished and need some filing down. Kel-Tec used carbon steel in the making of the gun. If you live in a wet area or you train in the rain, IT WILL RUST. Been there, done that, took an hour to clean the rust and oil everything. Stock is held open using a pin that can easily be dropped and lost. Fear not - gunbroker has a seller that sells replacement pins. Difficult to tear down and clean. Feels like a cheap airsoft gun. In summary, I like it and will buy another (I buy everything in pairs), but that carbon steel thing really irritated me. None of my other guns have rusted out on me like this one.
By Varian from Arizona
best .223/5.56 around without the fancy price tag., January 30, 2013
I bought the Kel-tec SU16-B ..., and I should receive my SU16-A tomorrow from you to my local ffl dealer. I backordered this weapon and as I said, have owned one before. I will keep this one! Hardly any recoil and had a red dot put on my first one. I will put a 3x9 variable scope on this one. The Price was Right, It was <less> in november 2012, but price went up a little, But my agent at Impact (to remain nameless.. And It does anything and everything the four figure AR-15's can do. Very nice looking and folds for easier cleaning and storage. Iron sights just fine.
By El Guapo from Prescott Vallley, AZ
Updated Review !!!, July 11, 2012
Ok, I purchased this in January 2012 for my birthday. I have now put a few hundred rounds threw this bad boy and I have to say i enjoy this rifle a lot. I have put a nice BSA 4X30 mildot scope on it along with some other things. This gun is light so you dont have to be to picky on the weight of your accessories. Anyways, the rifle fires perfectly I havent had any issues with it and will be buying another model of the SU-16 soon.
By JJ from Roy, Ut
Kel-Tec SU-16-A 223, January 03, 2012
Love this rifle. Purchased it for my Birthday a few weeks ago. I have only had it out once, put about 90 rounds through it. I spent a little time sighting in the red dot site. The P-rail is an awesome feature for the gun. The trigger squeeze is very nice, the gun feels good, sturdy. However, the pop out stand is kind of flimsy. Also it may have been just my rifle but when you get this gun, learn how to take it apart, mine needed cleaning and some oil. The rifle shot great, I purchased an AR-15 30 round magazine for it and it fired as fast as i could pull the trigger. I did have problems with the two 10 round mags it came with, i dont think the mags are built well and the springs are very stiff, this caused some feeding problems. other than this, I really do like this gun. I did want a more expensive AR-15 but my wife would have killed me. So if your like me and cant spend to much but want a good rifle you can upgrade, you will love this gun. FYI, this gun will shoot the cheap stuff but it doesnt like it.
By JJ-KTSU16 from Roy, Utah
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