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KEL-TEC PMR-30 .22 WinMag 4.3" Barrel Fiber Optic Sights 30rd Mag

KEL-TEC PMR-30 .22 WinMag 4.3" Barrel Fiber Optic Sights 30rd Mag

KEL-TEC PMR-30 .22 WinMag 4.3" Barrel Fiber Optic Sights 30rd Mag

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Reviewed by 19 customer  
Finally got My own PMR30 thanks Impact Guns, September 25, 2015
This weapon is ahead of its time, as far as design, function, and magazine capacity. If you know weapons and like them like I do. The Kel-Tec PMR 30 is virtually weightless compared to any other weapon you own. Remember you are shooting a 22MAG. It packs a punch and you get to shoot 30 rounds, and it shoots flawless. All I can say is it's my new conceal carry weapon of choice regardless of size.
By JoJo from Lawrenceville Ga
pmr-30 gets no love, March 31, 2013
I can't believe these guns are up to 600. Save some money and buy ANY other gun. Feel free to order one and wait 1.5 years to get it and find out you bought a POS for too much money. Short barrel doesn't give much more power than a .22lr with good ammo. Clips are finicky to load. Groups at 25yards are around 5 inches. I now believe kel-tec sells and a good idea they are not able to actually produce then make people wait. Just another hit or miss company maybe you will get a good one who knows. I won't buy anything from then again.
By PMR30h8tr from Boise
I would like it MUCH better if it worked..., December 25, 2012
Put deposit down 2010... Picked up the gun last month 2012... I have waited with MUCH anticipation. My hopes are kinda dashed at this time... First shot good, second click.. It will not eject. Appears I have a bad chamber, as cases show distinct rings. SO, it appears I waited two years for a 30round mag single shot... Now it appears I'll be waiting yet again, as I return the gun a brand new gun to the factory in Florida... On a positive not, I will say the gun is VERY accurate! I shot one hole groups with CCI 40g HP at 10 yards. I hope the new barrel shoots as well.
By James B from Connecticut
love my pmr-30, November 10, 2012
I read a lot of reviews concerning this gun and decided that the folks who actually had one and used the proper ammo absolutely loved it. I liked the concept of a small caliber handgun with a large capacity clip, and decided to get one. My local gun shop had a new design model in stock. They had heard of the moratorium on production concerning the keyholing issue and assured me that the one I was buying was of the "post-correction" vintage. In short--we absolutely love this gun. before the first trip to the range we gave it a quick coat of dry-lube on all the metal parts and in the magazines. It shot flawlessly first time and has not had a performance issue that I know of. My 15 year old daughter has had a gun in her hands about 6 times, this gun being most of those. At 10 yards she can put 8 of 10 rounds in a grapefruit size target in less than 15 seconds, shooting one handed. To all the folks having mechanical issues with this gun, my experience is that many (most) exotic hard metals, most especially the stuff this thing is made of, are prone to galling without a lot of care being taken. keep a can of good spray lube handy, (and use it), when breaking this gun in, and dont be afraid to add a couple of drops of good old 3-in-1 oil when shooting heavy at the range. We will be getting the daughter her own PMR-30 for Christmas this year.
By jjay from texas
Use some oil, June 14, 2012
I have read where the Kal-tec PMR-30 jams. When I bought mine, I couldn't get out 2 shots. I had read that a guy shot some 200 rounds and no longer had a problem. I thought of reasons why this could be, so I sprayed some oil into the Magizine and it shot a full 30 rounds with no jams. I have since shot many magazines through this gun and it has performed without fault
By Gun Luckey from Livonia, michigan
Load on sunday, fire all week., June 03, 2012
I bought mine on April 5 of 2011 and it took tell March 3 of this year to get it but it was worth the wait. The week after I took it out to the range. The magazine miss feed only once and I know it was my fault the way I loaded it. Besides that it never miss feed again or jammed on me. I put 550 rounds of CCI Maxi-Mag 40 grain bullet. Every round was a flame thrower. Very light gun and easy to take apart to clean.
By Jimmie Styer from Tonasket, Washington
PMR-30 in Vt., April 27, 2012
I had a lot of trouble with mine out of the box. I was forgiving it the breakin period on loading clips. After clips had been loaded and exercised 3 or 4 times they settled in to be reasonable. But the first time I took it out to range for a serious workout I had some kind of trigger misshap/ breakdown, after having quite a few ftf and fte. I ended up almost losing that transparent plastic buffer out in the field dropping it on the ground. When I packaged it up to send it back to Kel-Tec I mentioned what I thought of that "invisible plastic buffer" Told them it worked better than camaflage would have. I had it returned about a week after I shipped it out with a note about the repair and had been test fired by 3 gunsmiths, also with EXTRA buffers that are now a solid white. Much better than the transparent, I WILL be careful if I disaaemble it in the winter up here in VT. It seems to be a fine performer now with about 250 rounds through it. Very accurate, light, I love it except for the initial experience.
By The Woodchuck from Vermont
Different Looking, March 23, 2012
Design is a bit strange. What's up with all the rivets and Allen screws? Couldn't the frame be a one-piece molded unit? This looks like a Frankenstein gun. Hopefully kel-tec will clean this up with future evolutions.
By GWNhunter from MN
pmr 30, March 04, 2012
its kinda like bigfoot,ya hear about it but it never to be found,dont hold your breath waiting on one...slow
By zippy from north
New Feb 2012, February 19, 2012
Bought new and fired approximatley 450 rounds using CCI Mini-Mags at 40 grain No problems at all. Nice gun, light and quite accurate. I checked with Keltec to see if mine had the newer barrel which it has. The older versions had a issue with tumbling because of the barrel twist but ammo feeding has not been an issue. The gun is easy to clean and disassemble. Very good weapon.
By Dave from Arizona
New PMR-30, November 13, 2011
Bought a new PMR-30 O/A Oct.15,2011. Fired it for the first and last time about 2 days later & now I'm waiting for it to be returned from the factory (hopfully it will be repaired or replaced). I shot a total of 17 rounds of their recommended ammo, in those 17 rounds, it malfunctioned 4 times & then "locked" open & would not release due to a broked part or parts!
By Lou from Ok
Now I love it, November 11, 2011
When I first got my PMR-30, it had horrible problems ejecting, feeding, etc. I sent it back to the factory, and 3 weeks later I had it back with a new barrel. Now it works perfectly. It is very accurate, and I love the high capacity magazine. No problems at all now after 300 rnds or so. I had some trouble finding a holster that wasn't too big, and have settled on a Uncle Mikes size 5. Easy takedown for cleaning [which is a must with any .22 caliber gun], and light weight makes it a good choice for hiking in the woods.
By MoDoc from Missouri
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