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Kel-Tec 9mm 3 Barrel Black Polymer Grip 10 Rd Mag

Kel-Tec 9mm 3 Barrel Black Polymer Grip 10 Rd Mag

Kel-Tec 9mm 3 Barrel Black Polymer Grip 10 Rd Mag

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Reviewed by 18 customer  
My KelTec P11, June 11, 2015
I have been shooting shotguns, rifles, and sidearms for over 50 years, and realize some are better than others. My KelTec P11 I have fired almost 1000 rounds with one jam - it refused to eject an unfired round. I had to place an empty magazine in the mag well and then fire the round, and it was fine after that. For a pistol, it is better than average for short distances, less than 25 yards. But, I am an old timer (over 65) with my favorites being revolvers and double barrel 12s.
By UNDER COVER GUY from Cherterfield County, Virginia
Good gun for its intended purpose, June 11, 2015
As a retired peace officer, I like this little pistol. While on active duty I always carried a PPK as a backup, if this had been available then I probably would have carried one instead of my beloved PPK. My job now doesn't allow for anything much larger so when I saw the P11 I immediately bought one. The fit and finish is not up that of my PPK but then the cost isn't either. The ergonomics of the P11 as opposed to the PPK (the P11 feels like you're holding a 2X4) suck, but the trade off of 11 rounds of 9mm vs 7 rounds of .380 makes it easier to swallow; a Houge Handall greatly improved things.
By Texas Cop from Texas
Keltec P-11, April 20, 2013
I just purchaced the Keltec P-11 , and shot 50 rounds and was very empressed . No mis fires and very accurate.
By Gary D from Texas
First one a piece of crap. Second one Super, July 07, 2012
After 45 rounds with my first p11 was a limp gun. Wouldn't advance, eject, shoot , did nothing. Kel Tec has an excellent customer service department that assisted me. My second Kel Tec p11 was much tighter than the first one. Not sure how else to explain. I have shot the second one, around 625 times, different ammo and no jams, mixtures or hick ups if stove pipes. Excellent weapon. It is my back up to my duty firearm. Yes I trust my life every day with it. Kel Tec made a winner with it. Their customer service is a winner in my book too. I think my first weapon was bad from the beginning and slipped through. I recommend to my fellow LEO's. And I have too.
By Scuba 1 from Des Moines, IA
Needs a good breaking in, May 08, 2012
I bought my second used P11 recently. As with most guns, there is no good reason to buy a new one if a reasonably priced used one is available (paid $220 with a spare mag, rubber grip, box, papers). The one I got is in like new condition and would not cycle without oil. Most handguns need a serious breaking in before you can expect them to work well... I'm talking 500 rounds minimum. The P11 is no different. There is no other 9mm that I am aware of that combines low price, high capacity, small size, low weight, and high quality like the P11 does. The gun is so simple a caveman could use it. No silly safety and can be taken apart in seconds without tools. Love it!
By RestoreTheConstitution from NH
Kel tec p11, January 15, 2012
Have allot of carry guns, but nothin this light and dependable, its simple but great, effective and very easy on the wallet....if a gun is light and easy to carry (try the belt clip)you will carry it more often than a heavy carry gun..
By mac280z from PA
I like this gun., October 14, 2011
OK so this is no Glock or Colt or Walther by any stretch but mine did one thing.. SHOOT. Sure the trigger pull is a little tough at 10 pounds and it does snap back like a .44 but I put 100 rounds thru it and it did not complain. I have to admit by the time I got to about 95 rounds it did not want to feed the round into the chamber so I had to jam it forward, but if I get in a gun fight where I have to shoot 100 times its time to call in backup ! This is a good defense weapon for $250. My real complaint is with the magazine. The double stack magazine is a little tough to load but that is it.
By Mitch from Georgia
What do you want, egg in your beer?, September 24, 2011
The P11 is an inexpensive pistol-don't complain about lack of refinements if you don't want to pay for them. Go spend more money. Simple. That said, the reasons I still own and carry this little pistol (after 14 years) are good and several. 1) Size, Weight, and Capacity. On my scale it only weighs about 22 oz. fully loaded--that's eleven (11) rounds of +P 9mm Luger ammo. and it's very small. That's very good for daily concealed carry. 2)Reliability. In 14 years I've found it always functionally reliable. It has always fired. I qualify quarterly. And, on the two occasions I've had reason to call them, Kel-Tec's response far exceeded my expectations- way better than K****r. Trust me on that one! 3)Options. I fitted my P11 with two accessories; the Hogue Handall Jr. and the Pearce magazine extension. To control +P recoil in such a small lightweight pistol, I found these additions necessary and effective. The P11 will handle +P ammo, just don't make it a steady diet- use standard for practice. By the way you can use 12 round magazines also with this pistol- no need to limit to 6 rounds. Also, Kel-Tec can fit the P11 with night sights, and that's also a good option. 4) Design. The simplicity of this gun amazes me. Fewer parts generally equals fewer failures. It is a double-action design with repeat-strike capability. It has a rather long and heavy trigger pull (like a double action revolver); it's well designed for high stress situations, not for use as a target pistol! Buy this gun and shoot it, get used to it! For the money, it's a best buy!
By KCAutoBob from Central coast, California
It is no Glock, but good in the pocket!, September 10, 2011
As my headline says, it is no Glock, but Glock doesn't have a 9mm that is this light, high cap, or as affordable. I have a variety of Glocks, and I also have a kel-tec p32. when I purchased this, I was wanting something really light, but with a little more knock down than the p32. I am extremely satisfied with what I got! I had no problems loading all 10rds, pulling the long stiff trigger, or the mild recoil. It is really accurate and has great grouping, so long as you focus on straight smooth trigger pull.
By gunMike from Alabama
A great value, August 30, 2011
I LOVE my P11! A lot of what detractors say is true: it's a little rough around the edges, the recoil is snappy, but for the money, it just can't be beat. It might not be for you if you aren't comfortable making a few adjustment. Kel Tec has some aftermarket goodies that make a big difference: Replacement front sight- Out of the box, mine wouldn't shoot to point of aim. Dropped in a new shorter sight and problem solved. Magazine extension- For my size of hands, adding this part made the P11 a whole lot more controllable. Trigger shoe- this makes a BIG difference in improving the feel of that looong trigger pull. The P11 ain't perfect. But for the price of a Sig Sauer or Kahr, you could buy two or three of them. It has been totally reliable for me, offers 11 rounds, has double-strike capability, and at 13 oz. is not a burden to carry every day.
By Matt from Seattle, WA
Great for CC, July 07, 2011
This was my first experience with a Kel-Tec product. I bought mine in 1997, when they were fairly new around here, and proceeded to shoot the heck out of it. I had a lot of ammo, and lots of time for target practice, and never had any failures until the feed ramp got so filthy that rounds were snagging on it on their way to the chamber [after 600+ rnds ] I then gave it it's first cleaning and lube. The trigger is a bit of a hard pull, but that is a good thing in a "pocket nine", and it took a lot of practice for me to get any good with it, but I completely trust it. I have kept it clean and lubed since that early failure to feed, and still carry it frequently 14 years later, though I don't shoot it as much as I used to.
By darkwater rat from Missouri
Horrible, May 15, 2011
I purchased the Kel-Tec P11 a while back at a gun show, I wanted a self defense gun but nothing too flashy and I wanted a nine, since my friend also has a nine and we could exchange ammo. Mine was grey, black, and butt ugly, but I didn't buy it for looks, I wanted it as a small gun that would fit my big paws. It fit, alright, but when I could only fit 8 rounds into the 'supposed' 10 round magazine. Additionally, the trigger pull was intolerably hard and long, making it impossible to aim properly. When it finally did fire, it had the kick of a .45! This continued with each progressive shot until I concluded that it was a waste of time, money, and could not be relied upon as a self defense gun. I traded it in for a used Savage MkII bolt action .22 and am supremely satisfied with the cheap but highly accurate .22 rifle. I'm still looking for a decent self defense gun, however.
By CadillacWerewolf from Tucson AZ
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