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Kel-Tec P3ATBBlack DAO 380 ACP 2.75 6+1 Black Poly Grip Blued

Kel-Tec P3ATBBlack DAO 380 ACP 2.75 6+1 Black Poly Grip Blued

Kel-Tec P3ATBBlack DAO 380 ACP 2.75 6+1 Black Poly Grip Blued

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Reviewed by 17 customer  
Great weapon for carry/, December 12, 2014
I just had a P3TA now for a few weeks. I was worried the cheap price would mean bad performance. After shooting Remington, Hornady, Fiocchi ammo in JHP and FMJ with some defensive loads as well with no malfunctions. Then I had 2 in the next 40 rounds with cut rate cheap Russian Tull Ammo with steel cases. Both malfunctions was from the cases splitting in the barrel. I ran a few Buffalo Bore +P loads in it which now is my carry load. The trigger needs some getting used to and the sights are almost non-existent I managed to finally get the group down to within the 7 ring at 21 feet. I have put a side mount Laserlyte on it and after sighting it in I managed to group fist size at that ranger. I took the target to the stop at the end of the range appx 30 feet and can keep those shots in the size of a paper plate. With a little help from the Laser and getting used to the trigger I know when I need to ever pull it I know it will fire when I need it to.
By Bob Vincent from St. Louis
Ideal size for CCW or Backup Gun, November 23, 2013
I spent a lot of time researching and "test-driving" potential small pistols for concealed carry and finally settled on this little Kel-Tec without an ounce of regret. I'm accustomed to shooting a Ruger SR22 and a Glock G17 Gen 4 for home protection and practice, but needed something small, concealable, light-weight and effective to carry with me for continuous personal protection. This little gun fits the bill nicely, and is easily concealed both in my purse or holstered on my person under clothing. Because my fingers are longer, I also purchased an extended 9 round magazine which makes the gun a much more comfortable fit while practice shooting at the range. The low sites have taken me a while to get used to, but with lots of practice and the addition of an easy-to-install side-mount laser, this little gun has performed admirably. This isn't something I would take to the range for regular target shooting fun, but is ideal for keeping with me on a regular basis. Perhaps the only real downside I've experienced is the high cost and low availability of ammunition. Thank goodness for gun shows!
By Christine from Southern AZ
Light weight doesn't help it, December 23, 2012
The light weight of this pistol does not make effective because it does not generate enough force when thrown at the bad guy coming at you. Likewise the light weight and small size do not make it an effective club either. I say this because it is useless as a firearm. I have a '2nd gen' P3AT which isn't supposed to jam. Well it does. A lot. Too much. If I cross my fingers and turn three circles to the left and say a Hail Mary I can get three shots off before it jams. Oh, and when it jams it is a total failure. You have to drop the mag and rack the slide a few times or poke a stick in the barrel to extract the previously fired round. I tried various types of .380 ammo and the results are the same. I was only able to get through one complete six round mag without a jam once. Anyone want to buy this piece of junk? Actually I should melt it down because it will get you killed in a defensive situation. If you only get one bullet off make it a big one. The P3AT is a single shot .380 in my book.
By Russ from Dallas, TX
Good Guns, November 29, 2011
I have 2 of these. They Shoot good and I have laser sites on mine. Great gun for the money
By Dan from Virginia
Good CCW, September 20, 2011
This weapon is extremely light and small, it will hide away just about anywhere without anybody ever noticing, but yet is very functional, I sure wouldn't want to be staring down the other end of it. The one gripe I really have with it is that depending on how you carry it, it can be very easy to hit the clip release and just have the clip floating around, which is no good if the clip isn't latched in when you need it to be. Other than that it is a very solid and affordable gun.
By bah from Indiana
ok i guess, August 30, 2011
Would not trust may life to this gun, seams like a toy. but for the price i guess it's not a bad deal.
By z06-2003 from st. louis
Good for CCW, December 25, 2010
I've been carrying this gun in a pocket holster for a couple of years. I had one problem with it the first time at the range. It was returned to Kel-Tec and it was repaired and returned in about 2 weeks. Since then I've put about 300 rounds through it with no problems. Two things I do not like are no slide hold open and the grip extension . I've never had a problem with the grip extension , I just don't care for the design, the bottom clip holder seems weak.
By HAndre53 from Ballwin, MO
Great for concealed carry, December 20, 2010
This is a great little gun. I have had it almost 4 years and have have fired at least 400 rds through it and it is still going strong. Very comfortable to carry(I use the belt clip). If I could ever convince my wife to want a weapon, this would be the one.
By Vondingo from SLC, UT
Great back up gun, December 16, 2010
I've been carrying this gun as a backup in a pocket holster and off duty using the clip. The gun is barely noticeable but is there in a pinch.
By Brad from Oklahoma
It is what it is., December 16, 2010
I do not own a P3AT, but I've shot 100+ rds through one that belongs to a friend. Towards the end of that shooting excursion I encountered many FTE's. The gun hadn't been cleaned recently (or maybe ever), and I was shooting just cheap Blazer aluminum. Also, I was in a dusty, desert environment. Sounds like rough conditions, I know, but I still think it should have performed better. This is a pretty remarkable gun for concealed carry. It's as light-weight as it gets, and also it's super-affordable. If your system won't allow for something heavier, larger, or more expensive, this is a great option. That said, it's a cheap gun and it shouldn't be abused. If you carry it regularly, and shoot it rarely, it will probably last you a really long time. If you take it to the range daily, and don't clean it well - or often, expect it to fail on you.
By TheLateBoyScout from Utah
Great Little Weapon, December 01, 2010
There is rarely a time that I am not able to carry this weapon. It is small and light and can disappear in just about anything you want to wear. Fit and finish are utilitarian (standard Kel-Tec) but function has been perfect for me over the 5 years I've owned it and with about 1500 rounds down range. Sights are small but usable if you need to. I've never had a problem qualifying with it as my BUG which includes 25 yd courses of fire. Highly recommended.
By Jester from Old Dominion
Great little pocket gun, November 27, 2010
Although I have very large hands, I have no problems with this very small pistol- I purchased one of the 9 shot magazines! This gives you 10 rounds of .380 firepower, AND a full grip for better control. I can still fit it in my pocket with ease. The little gun digests everything from factory loads to all my hand loads. I painted the slide with Duracoat and it is impervious to rust. It goes everywhere I go.
By Mike from Ohio
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