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Kel-Tec RFB Carbine 7.62/308 18" Chrome-Lined Barrel Black Stock10 Rd Mag

Kel-Tec RFB Carbine 7.62/308 18" Chrome-Lined Barrel Black Stock10 Rd Mag

Kel-Tec RFB Carbine 7.62/308 18" Chrome-Lined Barrel Black Stock10 Rd Mag

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Reviewed by 5 customer  
Unique and Robust, September 20, 2012
Big Picture: A must shoot to believe rifle that boasts KelTec's engineering prowess. Ive owned the RFB for about a year now. Its a spectacular rifle and of course features many of the off the wall ideas that KelTec is famous for. The forward ejection is easier to get used to then you might think, and the trigger is heavy-ish but crisp in its execution. Its a little on the heavy side, but afterall its a .308, and the short length makes it very easy to handle despite the bulk. It has never had a failure in feeding in my hands, once the gas is adjusted where you want it you can rock and roll all day. The surplus store garbage FAL mag that comes with it sucks, I recommend the Thermold .308 mags. I do wish it came with a picatinny lower rail standard, but for 40 bones you can get one from KT, no sights either ... sad since KelTec is known for providing value. Overall its fun to shoot, and all your friends will be clamoring to handle it. +Pros Compact fully ambidextrous .308! Feeds like a dream Highly Unique -Cons Have fun waiting for one Heavy Need to buy optic, no iron sights old FAL mags a joke
By K.M. from Spokane, WA
Wow, this rifle exceeds expectations!, September 12, 2012
This rifle is accurate and so far has had no issue with feeding reliably, my only gripes are the lack of available barrel options and I would like for the reciever to accept pmag magazines. FAL magazines are too expensive and dimensionally larger. If you intend on using this rifle for battle or tactical applications such as myself, I give this rifle my blessing. For best accuracy, I recommend using Double Tap .308 Winchester 155gr HP Boat Tail Match rounds. I was able to shoot sub moa groups @ 100 yds with my eotech. If you can find this rifle and are in a position to buy, do it!!!!
By N/A from U.S.A.
Nice Bullpup, August 05, 2012
I recently got to shoot a friend's Kel Tec RFB near Las Vegas. The gun has a typical KelTec feel, no frills. And that's fine, especially for a battle rifle. Very compact and substantial feeling rifle. My friend had open sights only, yet we easily hit silhouette targets at 100 yards. We tried FN mil surplus, cheap blue box Federal and even a few PRVI match rounds. All fed well and the gun ran well with no issues. My DPMS LR308 rifles are more accurate, but the KelTec may find a place in my safe. And the 2 star "review" is B.S. If you haven't even seen the gun, don't discount it with a crappy review. You just skewed the actual reviews when they come in.
By One Good Eye from Texas
a review would be nice if i could get my hands on, June 14, 2012
This would be a great review the only thing missing is the ability to lay hands on one of these. Kel-Tek needs to step up here.
By Ray from Texas
build a factory, June 13, 2012
keltec= out of stock
By nuthing fancy from back woods
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