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ISSC Austrian M22 (Glock Type) Pistol .22 LR, 4", 1x10rd Mag, Black

ISSC Austrian M22 (Glock Type) Pistol .22 LR, 4", 1x10rd Mag, Black

ISSC Austrian M22 (Glock Type) Pistol .22 LR, 4", 1x10rd Mag, Black

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Reviewed by 8 customer  
what a great pistole !, January 16, 2016
i bought mine in dec. had to wait for the weather to clear up , CLEANED & LUBED , went to the range this morning ,cloudy ,35 degrees . i took some ammo from winchester, cci ,federal ,armsport ,and remington mixed all up in a bowl ! loaded up and i was not disappointed ! not one ftf or fte ! this pistole ate everything i had to offer ! no site adjustment needed ! all shots within a half inch ! i tortured tested ! ran more than 500 rounds thru as fast as possible ! no cleaning ! not a single problem ! great plinker / varmit for the money ! LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By slug from tennessee
Out of the Box, May 08, 2015
Shot 150 rounds straight out of the box, all round hit within a 3" circle @21' . I had three minor malfunctions in the first 50 rounds 2 failure to extract,1 stove pipe, failures to extract cleared with a finger nail and the the stove pipe cleared with a sweep of the slide. Next 100 rounds were flawless. I am very impressed with the accuracy of the 4" barrel at 7 yards. I feel it will only improve the more round go down range. Recoil is minimal allowing a rapid target reacquisition. Size and weight is perfect for a .22. I wound carry this pistol in a heart beat everyday. I have purchase a weaver mini Crimson Trace and get that little sucker dialed in. Cheers, Cosmo
By Cosmo from Santee Ca
Give it a chance, it will surprise you., September 15, 2014
Don't give up on this inexpensive beauty. I was frustrated at first with different ammo, slide action, and accuracy. I finally found the ammo it really likes is CCI Blazer. I also had to use Purple Threadlocker (Low Strength) on the rear adjustable sight to keep it from moving. The gun is extremely accurate once dialed-in. This is now my second best friend next to my Glock 19 Gen4.
By Bob from Chesapeake, VA
ISSC M22 Very nice!, February 07, 2014
This is much lighter than my Ruger Mk1 and cycles about the same. The CCI mini-mags shoot well as do a couple other high velocity rounds. don't use anything slow speed of you will get the infamous FTE. Perfect for a light carry handgun. Sometimes the XD45 is uncomfortable to carry and this fits the bill. My only wish is that it came with two mags.
By grapplenhook from La Porte, IN
Don't buy, March 31, 2013
Bought one of the original styles that looked like a Glock, mainly for use by my grandson. Finally got around to shooting it recently and found that it chokes on just about any .22LR I fed it. Mainly FTE but sometimes FTF. Field stripped it and checked for issues but seemed ok, now there's a problem with the action in that the hammer falls when safety is disengaged. Obviously quality control is poor.
By Al Crun from Florida
Good so Far, March 20, 2013
I bought mine before they changed the look. And mine will not shoot anything cheap.
By klrkid2 from Kearns,UT
Lots of Fun, March 11, 2013
Excellent gun for the money. I shot 200 rounds of cci mini mag with NO FAILURES. Great feeling gun in every aspect.
By MassenaFlyBoy from Massena NY
Fantastic accuracy and quality pistol..., December 12, 2012
Just got my M22 recently, it's picky on ammo loves CCI MiniMags, CCI Stingers, CCI AR15 bulk and Remington Thunderbolts. Does not like to eject Federal and Winchesters ammo well. Other than that it's a high quality gun with an easy take down very similar to a Glock 19 in all aspects. Fun to shoot, easy to handle, feels and looks durable has no recoil and very accurate also. Oh and it likes to stay clean and lubed up every 600 rounds or so at least. In comparison to a Ruger SR-22 and SW M&P22 this gun has the best of both in one. This is what GLOCK should have made in .22lr instead ISSC filled that demand with this quality M22 pistol. Worth every penny. Go get one and enjoy.
By Tony K from Elgin, IL
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