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Insight M3 Tactical Weapon Light, Tan, W/Batteries

Insight M3 Tactical Weapon Light, Tan, W/Batteries

Insight M3 Tactical Weapon Light, Tan, W/Batteries

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The M3 Tactical Illuminator is compatible with MANY handguns with rails, such as Glock, Springfield XD, TRP Operator, MilSpec Operator, as well as other popular models (such as the Beretta Model 92/96 with adapter, and SIG P226). Also many shotguns and rifles may be fitted with a mount to accept the M3 light.

Compact and lightweight, the powerful M3 offers fast and significantly clearer identification of the target. Weighing under 4 oz., this white light illuminator will not hamper performance or shooter skill.
M-3 Technical Data

M-3 Dimensions: Length;3.4" Width;1.57" Height; 1.52"
Weight: 3.3 oz. including batteries
Lamp type: Tungsten Halogen
Run time: Minimum 30 minutes continuous
Battery: Lithium Type 3V (INCLUDED)
Voltage: 6 volts DC
Operating Temperature: -32C to +65C (-26F to 149F)
This new generation of lighting allows you to aim and illuminate simultaneously as the mounted light is co-axial with the bore. It is preferable to night vision equipment and lasers in most instances because the new lights are more compact, easier to handle and most importantly, provide significantly clearer identification of the target.

The M-3 Tactical Illuminator, which is compatible with new Glock handguns, Beretta 92/96, (Colt 1911 SOON) and other popular brands, lives up to its name. It is unique in its class because of the combination of engineering features it offers.
  • It weighs only 3.3 oz. making it a third of the weight of some muzzle-heavy models on the market.
  • The M-3 Tactical Illuminator is ideal for concealed carry; it doesn't protrude from the end of the handgun like most competitors, making it easier to holster.
  • It is by U.S. Special Operations.
  • Both momentary and stead-on-switches are standard.
  • Made of lightweight polymer materials, it is resistant to chemicals.
  • A powerful six-volt battery system is standard, compared to three volt on some competitors'' models. The batteries are readily available and inexpensive. **2 Batteries included.
  • The focusable beam is adjustable from spot to flood lighting.
  • It is easy to use in all settings - home, tactical, police and concealed carry - as it operates by fingertip, attaches and detaches in less than two seconds and fits in a fanny pack, jacket pocket or glove box.
  • The Illuminator is kept in-stock by Impact for immediate delivery.
The M-3 Tactical Illuminator is an essential, tactical handgun accessory for low-light identification and engagement.
This Item Is No Longer Available.
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