Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I buy a gun online?

A: It's simple.  Just pick out the firearm you would like to buy, add it to your cart, and specify the dealer you would like it shipped to in the shipping address.  Your dealer will need to fax a copy of his license (FFL) to us if he hasn't already done so - 801-393-2476.  Once we have the dealer's information, we'll ship the firearm and upon arrival, you'll be able to complete the background check and take the firearm home.  Most dealers charge a small fee for their services in the transfer, generally about $25.  If you have any questions, or need help finding a dealer for your purchase, please give us a call.

Q: Will you ship a firearm to my house?

A: No.  In accordance with Federal regulations, we only ship firearms to legally licensed entities holding a current FFL.

Q: Is it legal to own a machine gun?

A: Yes, depending on the state you live in.  There is a limited number of machine guns that may be legally owned by civilians.  These are considered extremely valuable and are highly collectible.  Please contact our Class 3 specialist for any questions you may have about ownership. 

Q: What does "Class 3" mean?

A: "Class 3" is a designation for a registered firearm, suppressor, or any other type of weapon that requires a special type of transfer for ownership.  Machine guns, silencers and short barrel rifles require a $200 one time tax paid to the government to approve the transfer of ownership.  AOWs (any other weapon) require a $5 tax paid. 

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